Bank PO Vs Bank Clerk Should you prepare for one or Focus on Both

Lots of Banking Exams are lined up and now students are puzzled if they should prepare for Bank PO or should they prepare for Bank Clerk.

Some Students have only aim of becoming Probationary officer because the PO job is lucrative but the job of clerk is not that discouraging as well. As we Know this is the time when most of the banking exams like SBI PO, SBI CLERK, RRB PO, RRB CLERK, IBPS PO, IBPS CLERK have marked their dates on the calendar, we should focus on both type of recruitment simultaneously because the examination pattern of both the exam is similar except descriptive writing and interview which makes clerical recruitment easy.
How PO Exam is Different From Clerk ?

Questions asked in the PO exam are comparatively difficult, after clearing the mains exam students have to face the interview process where the selection ratio is 1:3 i.e out of 3 candidates only 1 student is selected. After the Final selection, you can be posted anywhere in India.
But in clerk questions are comparatively easygoing. There is no interview, and also you are posted in your homestate. We have in mind that PO is administrative post and salary is high but clerks get a chance of promotion to higher levels through promotional examinations within 2 years of joining the bank. Upon successful completion of the exam, clerks can get promoted to officer posts, which increases the salary and changes their job profile a little bit. 
Now for every new exam you have to make a different strategy for both as observed clerk exam cutoff is higher than PO so you will have to attempt more question in clerk that too keeping the accuracy in mind. So don’t stick to one job profile, as your goal is to get a job in government sector in 2019.