Blood Relation Questions for IBPS PO Exam 2020: Reasoning Blood Relation Question & Answer PDF Available

Blood Relation is one of the most important topic and is asked in almost all the banking exams be it RRB PO, RRB Clerk, IBPS PO etc. Given below are some of the tips and tricks that will help you to ace this topic in these upcoming exams. In this space we will be talking about the detail explanation of this topic and how you can apply these tips and tricks to ace it and score maximum marks in the exams mentioned above. We are also providing you a free pdf for practice purposes.

Blood Relation- Concept

In Blood Relation type questions, students are given certain information related to the family members and they are expected to find out find out the relationship between particular member of the family. Given below is the “Generation Table” to  give you better understanding of the different relationship.

Generation Male Female
Three generations above ­­­ Great Grandfather,

Maternal great Grandfather,

Great Grandfather-in-law

Great Grandmother,

Maternal great Grandmother,

Great Grandmother-in-law

Two generations above ­­ Grandfather

Maternal Grandfather Grandfather-in-law


Maternal Grandmother Grandmother-in-law

One generation above ­ Father, Uncle

Maternal Uncle


Mother, Aunt,

Maternal Aunt


current generation (self)® Husband, Brother



Wife, Sister,



One generation below Son






Two generations below Grandson




Three generations below Great Grandson

Great Grandson-in-law

Great Granddaughter

Great Granddaughter-in-law

Given below is the names of the relationships for better clarification

  1. Relations of paternal side:
  2. Father’s Father – Grandfather
  3. Father’s Mother – Grandmother
  • Father’s Brother – Uncle
  1. Father’s Sister – Aunt
  2. Children of Uncle – cousin
  3. Wife of Uncle – Aunt
  • Children of Aunt – Cousin
  • Husband of Aunt – Uncle
  1. Relations of maternal side:
  2. Mother’s Father – Maternal Grandfather
  3. Mother’s Mother –Maternal Grandmother
  • Mother’s Brother – Maternal Uncle
  1. Mother’s Sister – Aunt
  2. Children of Maternal Uncle – Cousin
  3. Wife of Maternal uncle – Maternal Aunt

Given below is the different pictorial forms of Males and Females:


This is used for the pictorial depiction for males.


This is used for the pictorial depiction for females.

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Representation of different relations:

Given below is the diagrammtic representation of the Family tree and below is the explanation of the same:

Tricks to Solve Blood Relations Problems in Logical Reasoning ...

Given below is the explanation of the relationship given in the diagrammtic representation: 

  1. C is Father of E and D
  2. C is Brother of A
  3. C is Brother in law of B
  4. A is Husband of B
  5. B is Wife of A
  6. A is Uncle of E, and D
  7. C and A are Son of F
  8. E is Daughter of C
  9. E is Sister of D
  10. F is GrandMother of E and D
  11. E is Granddaughter of F.
  12. D is Grandson of  F.

Types Of Questions Asked

In Blood relation topic, there are three ways in which questions from this topic are asked and they are: Questions based on Dialogue or Conversation, Questions Based on Puzzles, Questions Based on Symbolically coded.

Given below are the example of all these three types:

 Questions Based on Conversation or Dialogue-

When this topic is asked in this way, then it usually represents a chit-chat with other person giving information by pointing to some picture or person.

Example: Pointing to a lady in the room, Kanchan said, “She is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband.” How is the lady related to Kanchan?

Solution: The ideal way to solve this question is by placing yourself in place of that person and then creating a relationship.

In this question, be Kanchan and start solving from the end of the question like:

“My husband” = Kanchan’s husband

‘Wife of my husband’ = is me = Kanchan

‘Son of the wife of my husband’ = My Son

‘Sister of the Son of the wife of my Husband’ = My Son’s Sister = My daughter

‘She’ is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband’ = the lady on the stage = the lady being pointed out = my daughter.

So, lady on the stage is Kanchan’s daughter.

Based on Puzzles:

While solving these types of questions, you have to conclude the relations between two given person based on more than one information given in the question.

 Example: A is the mother of B. B is the sister of C. D is the son of C. E is the brother of D. F is the mother of E. H has only two children B and C. How is F related to E?

Solution: In this question, first we will drew the generations tree:

So, F is mother of E.

Based on Symbols:

Questions frm this topic carries  information are coded in the form of symbols life D, #, $, % ……. etc.


Read the following information carefully and then answer the question given below:

(a) A D B means A is mother of B.

(b) A $ B means A is sister of B.

(c) A * B means A is father of B.

(d) A # B means A is brother of B.

Question:-Which of the following means R is uncle of T?

(a) R*P #SDQ$T                      (b) S * P # R * U # T

(c) P*R$Q$S*T                        (d) P * R $ Q $ S * T

(e) None of these

Solution: From option, C, we will get R is uncle of T.

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