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CAIIB ABM Topic-Wise Weightage & Preparation Strategy

CAIIB ABM Topic-Wise Weightage and Preparation Strategy is a guiding tool for aspirants preparing for the CAIIB ABM Exam 2024. While preparing for the CAIIB ABM Exam candidates must know the topic-wise weightage and should follow a proper strategy. CAIIB ABM Topic-Wise Weightage and Preparation Strategy will help the aspirants to score better in the CAIIB ABM Exam 2024. In this article, we have discussed the topic-wise weightage of Advanced Bank Management and some tips for their preparation.

CAIIB ABM Topic-Wise Weightage

CAIIB Advanced Bank Management(ABM) Paper has 4 Modules: Statistics, Human Resource Management, Credit Management & Compliance in Banks & Corporate Governance. The topics of all four modules along with the marks weightage are provided in the table below. The marks weightage provided here has been analyzed from the previously conducted CAIIB ABM Exams.

CAIIB ABM Topic-Wise Weightage
Topics Marks Weightage
The Fundamentals of Economics: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Types of Economies 2 Marks
Supply and Demand 2-5 Marks
Money Supply and Inflation 5-6 Marks
Theories of Interest 2-3 Marks
Business Cycle 1 Mark
Indian Economy and Various Sector of Economy 1 Mark
Economic Reforms 1-2 Marks
Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy 1-2 Marks
GDP Concepts 4-5 Marks
Union Budget 3-4 Marks
Challenges Facing Indian Economy 1 Mark
Time Value of Money 3 Marks
Sampling Method 3-4 Marks
Correlation and Regression 3-4 Marks
Time Series 3 Marks
Estimation 1-2 Marks
Bond Investment 3-4 Marks
Linear Programming 5-6 Marks
Simulation 4-5 Marks
Fundamental of Human Resource Management 3 Marks
Development of Human Resource 6-7 Marks
Human Implication of Organization 3-4 Marks
Employee Feedback and Reward System 3-4 Marks
Performance Management 3 Marks
HRM and IT 3 Marks
Overview of Credit Management 3 Marks
Analysis of Financial Statement 6-7 Marks
Working Capital Finance 4-5 Marks
Term Loan 2-3 Marks
Credit Delivery 3 Marks
Credit Control and Monitoring 2-3 Marks
Risk Management and Credit Rating 3 Marks
Rehabilitation and Recovery 2-3 Marks

CAIIB ABM Preparation Strategy

To crack any exam aspirants must strictly follow a right preparation strategy. One should follow their own strategy and some of the points that they can include in their Preparation Strategy are:

  • Have your own Study Plan– Even if the banking employees have a hectic work schedule still they need to give few hours to their preparation. To crack the CAIIB ABM Exam 2024 candidates must follow the study plan strictly.
  • Go through the complete syllabus- The syllabus is the most necessary kit for the preparation. So one need to go through the complete syllabus and then make your study plan accordingly.
  • Prefer the Latest Study Material for CAIIB ABM- To prepare for the CAIIB ABM Exam 2024 candidates should refer the latest and the best study material. In today’s time many study materials are available over the Internet but one should prefer only the authentic one.
  • Attend topic wise mock and full-length Mock Tests- To analyze your performance attend the topic wise as well as full length mock tests. Mock Tests will give you the feel of real exam. After giving the mock tests analyzing your strength and weakness is utmost important.
  • Impart Time for Revision- To crack CAIIB ABM Exam an aspirant must devote time to revision. To remember the topics you need to revise them at regular interval.

CAIIB ABM Topic-Wise Weightage & Preparation Strategy_3.1

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Which Module has more weightage in CAIIB ABM Exam 2024?

All Modules have equal weightage in the CAIIB ABM Exam 2024.

What is the Preparation Strategy for CAIIB ABM Exam 2024?

The Preparation Strategy for CAIIB ABM Exam 2024 is mentioned above in the article.

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