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CAIIB Exam Analysis 2020- Exam Review of ABM Paper

The exam of Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers popularly known by its abbreviation CAIIB was held on 20th December 2020. CAIIB is conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) twice a year. Here we are providing you with the detailed analysis of the questions asked in this year’s ABM Paper of CAIIB 2020 Exam.

CAIIB Exam Analysis 2020- Exam Review of ABM Paper |_3.1

As per our CAIIB Exam experts, they have analysed that this year IIBF focused on framing questions that require deep knowledge of concepts rather than asking direct and simple questions.

The exam that took place in the first shift was reported by candidates to be of moderate to tough in the difficulty level. Candidates had to face many case studies in the ABM Paper this year.

CAIIB 2020 Exam Analysis

The following are the topics from which questions were asked in this year’s CAIIB exam’s ABM Paper:

  • Is-lm curve
  • Performance appraisal
  • Hicks-hansen theory
  • Market economy’-laissez faire
  • Hickshansen theory explanation
  • Problem on CRR SLR given in first batch
  • Problem on Gdp deflector
  • 3 marks for appraisal
  • Was 4 5 case studies
  • Around 8 to 10 numericals
  • From module b
  • No case studies on working capital though
  • Pv fv
  • Balance sheet
  • M1 m2 concept
  • 5 question on working capital
  • 5 question on probability
  • Questions came from theory most of all
  • From business math very easy FV PV and correlation
  • One case study from MBPF
  • Theory and case study from hrm
  • 5 marks from revenue capital deficit
  • Demographic dividend
  • 5 marks Passage question on HRM management issue
  • Z value calculation
  • Attitude
  • Attributes
  • Common size statement
  • Balance of trade and payment
  • Willful defaulters
  • Creation of charge on securities
  • Demographic dividend
  • Vrooms expectancy model
  • Date of execution of documents
  • Class
  • Factoring- invoice values
  • Johari
  • Simulation definition
  • Current ratio
  • Quick ratio
  • Gross profit ratio
  • Net profit ratio
  • Return on capital employed
  • Return on equity
  • Inventory turnover

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