Computer Knowledge Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Mains- 22 November

The Reserve Bank of India Today conducted the RBI Assistant Mains 2020 Exam, and this one if the few banking sector recruitment exam that still have a separate section for Computer Knowledge. The level of the questions asked in this exam in the Computer Knowledge section was Moderate and the overall level of the examination was quite lengthy. Here we are providing you the topics/ questions asked in RBI Assistant Main’s Computer Knowledge section:

  1. A Question on shortcut key Crtl B
  2. A Question on shortcut key Ctrl F
  3. A Question on shortcut keysCtrl C and V
  4. A Question on input/output device- Plotter
  5. VLSI 4th Generation
  6. MS Edge
  7. A Question on OS- Windows 10
  8. 101 binary
  9. Word wrap
  10. System and App Softwares
  11. A question on text formatting.
  12. Spam
  13. Trojan horse
  14. Subject in email
  15. Biometric All
  16. Safe All
  17. Google Chrome Browser
  18. A Question on Stegano – Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video.
  19. A Question on Bootstrap Loader
  20. A question on communication- Half Duplex
  21. A Question on Protocol
  22. TT text Transfer
  23. Error Bug
  24. A Question on IPv4 and 6
  25. Flash is EEprom
  26. Instruction unit
  27. Which among the following is not harmful but allows destructive activity- Trojan horse, virus, antivirus, macro virus, and worm?
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