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Computer Awareness Syllabus Notes For Bank Exams

Computer Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams: The Computer Awareness Syllabus is essential for all candidates to check as this subject may boost the overall marks as computer awareness is included in most of the bank mains exams. Acquiring computer knowledge will provide added advantages regardless of the exam you’re preparing for. Assessments on computer-related topics are expected in forthcoming exams such as IBPS RRB Mains – Officer Scale I, IB ACIO Exam, and ECGC PO Exam. This section holds significance in various other exams including NABARD Grade A, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, and RBI Assistant Mains. 

Computer Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams 2024

In our increasingly digital world, having computer awareness is essential regardless of one’s profession. It’s a subject commonly found in bank exams and other competitive tests. Computer Awareness is considered a scoring area, and with proper preparation, it can significantly boost your score. Recognizing the importance of quality study materials for learning Computer Awareness, Adda247 has time and then provided students with free e-books and free online classes on YouTube. In this article, we have discussed the exams in which Computer Awareness has been part of the syllabus and has been asked in mains exams.

In the table below we have covered the topics that form the part of Syllabus of Banking Awareness of various banking exams.

Computer Awareness Syllabus for Bank Exams
History of Computer & Inventions Computer Input & Output Devices Computer Component Storage Devices Computer Languages
Microsoft Windows MS Office MS Word MS PowerPoint Computer File extension
MS Excel Keyboard shortcuts Networking & Internet Computer Virus & Cybersecurity Database & RDBMS basics
Electronic & logic Gates Date Communication & Networking Software Engineering ICT & Governance Web Technology

Questions Asked from Computer Awareness in IBPS RRB Exam

In the table below we have provided the topics that were asked in IBPS RRB PO Mains last year. This section will help students understand the important topics for the computer awareness section, however, it is not suggested anywhere that only these topics are important. Computer Awareness has a vast syllabus and students need to cover all the topics of the syllabus. Computer Awareness is a high-scoring section in banking exams, if prepared well this section can boost your overall score in mains examination.

Questions Asked from Computer Awareness in IBPS RRB Exam 
Topics No. of Questions Asked
Computer Software 4-5
RAM & ROM 4-5
MSC 8-10
Basics of Computer 3-4
Computer Devices 6-7
MS Office 4-5
Shortcut Keys 2-3
DBMS 4-5
Total 40

Computer Awareness Weightage: Exam-Wise

In the table below we have discussed the weightage of computer awareness in mains exams.

Computer Awareness Weightage in Mains Exams
IBPS RRB PO 20 Marks
IBPS RRB Clerk 20 Marks
RBI Assistant 40 Marks

Topic Wise Weightage of Computer Awareness in Banking Exams

Now that you’re aware of the section’s exam-wise distribution, it’s crucial to delve into each topic individually to prioritize your preparation. Refer to the table below to understand the weightage of Computer Awareness topics in banking exams:

Topic Wise Weightage of Computer Awareness
Topic Marks Allocated
Computer Fundamental 4-5
Input & Output Devices 2-3
Internet Application 5-6
Microsoft Application 2-3
Storage and Database Management 1-2
Flow Chart & Number System 2-3
Computer Shortcut Keys & Abbreviation 3-4
Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) 2-3

Key Terms of Computer Awareness for Bank Exams

By reading the above article students must have got some idea about the syllabus, weightage, and exams in which computer awareness is asked. In this section we have provided examples in the form of table about the most important key terms that appear quite often in banking exams so that candidates can have an idea about what to study in computer awareness?

Key Terms of Computer Awareness for Bank Exams
Terms Definition
Computer Virus This refers to a harmful software or code that can infiltrate a user’s computer system undetected. It has the capability to disrupt other programs or data, manipulate system memory, or trigger shutdown problems without the user’s awareness.
Spoofing Attack Spoofing involves presenting a communication as if it’s coming from a familiar, trusted source when it’s actually from an unfamiliar or untrusted one. When someone or something pretends to be someone else by altering critical information to obtain an unjust and unauthorized advantage, it constitutes spoofing.
Malware Malware, categorized as a virus, is a form of malicious software that compromises the functionality of computers and mobile devices, granting unauthorized entry to private systems or exhibiting harmful content. It clandestinely duplicates information from a particular system, causing disruptions to its regular operations. Utilizing specialized malware detection tools or antivirus software aids in thwarting malware. Its dissemination occurs through negligent handling of browser extensions, email attachments, and storage devices.
Phishing Phishing involves the transmission of counterfeit or deceptive information such as emails, pop-ups, or flash messages with the intention of acquiring sensitive personal data like names, photos, passwords, or financial resources.
Authentication Authentication happens when the provided credentials are matched against those stored in the original file’s database. It assists the system in permitting entry to legitimate users and safeguards the system’s database.
Trojan horse This refers to a form of malware that disguises itself as authentic code or software. Upon infiltrating the network, attackers can execute actions mirroring those of legitimate users, including exporting files, altering data, deleting files, or manipulating the contents of the device.
Antivirus software Antivirus software is designed to safeguard computer systems against malware, trojans, and network viruses. It is developed by various reputable software companies. Among the leading vendors creating and distributing antivirus software are McAfee, Norton, Quickheal, and Kaspersky Labs.

How to Prepare Computer Awareness for Bank Exams?

Listed below are valuable bank exam preparation tips for the Computer Awareness section, courtesy of our knowledgeable banking experts specializing in Computer Aptitude. Adhering to these suggestions will enable you to maximize your performance in this comparatively straightforward scoring section:

  • Avoid spending time on degree-level or exhaustive computer awareness books for bank exams, as they delve into advanced topics that are not relevant to these exams. Instead, utilize the recommended booklist provided below.
  • Make sure to practice Computer Awareness hands-on. Ensure that your personal computer or laptop is equipped with the necessary computer applications and software for effective revision.
  • Engage in solving previous question papers, mock tests, practice sets, quizzes, and other study materials to plan your preparation for Computer Awareness in banking exams.
  • Manage your Computer Awareness preparation to contribute to your overall cutoff scores, in addition to the scores achieved in Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and General Knowledge sections.

Students can also refer to books and e-books by Adda247 to start their preparation for Computer Awareness.

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Is computer awareness necessary for all Banking Exams?

Computer Awareness is not asked in all banking exams but it is asked in IBPS RRB PO Mains, IBPS RRB Clerk Mains and RBI Assistant Mains.

Is there computer awareness in SBI Clerk exam?

No, SBI Clerk exam does not have any questions from banking awareness.

From where candidates can prepare for computer awareness?

Adda247 is the platform from where candidates can prepare for banking awareness. Candidates can complete computer awareness course free of cost from Adda247 YouTube channel.

Is computer awareness asked in IBPS PO?

No, computer awareness is not asked in IBPS PO.