Current Affairs for IPPB mains 2017

Q1. India has tested its ___________ intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in its final operational configuration from Wheeler Island off Odisha , paving the way for its eventual induction into the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) after user-trials.
Answer: Agni-V

Q2. Which state has launched 25 bio-diesel buses recently?
Answer: Karnataka

Q3. How much amount the central government has released for the multipurpose  Polavaram irrigation project in Andhra Pradesh?
Answer: Rs.1,982 crore

Q4. Name the city, which is the first to organised Digi Dhan Mela to promote cashless transactions?
Answer: Gurugram, Haryana

Q5. Name the person, who has resigned from the Rajya Sabha citing health issues recently?
Answer: Mithun Chakraborty

Q6. Which bank, with UIDAI and NPCI, has announced the nationwide launch of its Aadhaar Pay, the country’s first Aadhaar-linked cashless merchant solution recently?
Answer: IDFC Bank

Q7. Name the tennis player, who has clinched the ITF Hong Kong F4 Futures in 2016?
Answer: Yuki Bhambri

Q8. Which country has passed a new law to levy environment tax on polluters, especially on heavy industries?
Answer: China

Q9. Actor Salman Khan on Twitter has announced the launch of his app, ___________ on his 51st birthday (27th December 2016). 
Answer: BeingInTouch

Q10. Former __________ prime minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake has passed away at the age of 83.
Answer: Sri Lanka

Q11. The Centre has approved investments of Rs 266 cr in Delhi under the 2016-17 action plan in AMRUT scheme which is associated with-
Answer: Urban transformation

Q12. Name the State, which has launched Nagar Uday Abhiyan Scheme, recently?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Q13. Indian Army has inked an agreement with ______________ to set up a research and development (R&D) cell at the IIT campus to identify problems and possible solutions for the Indian Army. 
Answer: IIT-Gandhinagar

Q14. India has signed an agreement with Bhutan for assistance in green and sustainable construction of infrastructure in the Himalayan kingdom. What is capital of Bhutan?
Answer: Thimphu

Q15. Social networking giant Facebook has received 6,324 requests from Indian government agencies for 8,290 users/accounts in the first half of 2016, this is the second highest after___________  
Answer: USA

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