Current Affairs for IPPB Mains Exam 2017

Q1. In which state India’s first and Asia’s longest bicycle highway has been inaugurated?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q2. _________ hosted the golden jubilee (50th anniversary) celebrations of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) recently.
Answer: India

Q3. The autobiography of India’s batting legend Sachin Tendulkar ______________________ has won the prestigious Crossword Book of the Year Award in the Autobiography category.
Answer: Playing it my way

Q4. Which technology giant has announced a partnership with Indian conglomerate and multinational Mahindra to develop blockchain solutions to revolutionize supply chain finance in the country?
Answer: IBM

Q5. Public sector banks (PSBs) have seen nearly Rs 80,000 crore increase in gross NPAs in the three months ended September 2016. NPAs stands for? 
Answer: Non-Performing Assets

Q6. To check the misuse of Jan Dhan accounts by black money hoarders, the RBI has restricted the withdrawal from such accounts to ________ per month.
Answer: Rs 10,000

Q7. Who has won the World Chess Championship for the third consecutive time after defeating challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia recently?
Answer: Magnus Carlsen

Q8.  Which private bank has tied up with Spice Digital for cash management services through the bank’s e-collection facility?
Answer: Federal Bank

Q9. India is hosting the two-day ‘Heart of Asia’ conference in which cities? 
Answer: Amritsar

Q10. The Supreme Court recently directed that cinema halls across the country must play ______________ before the screening of a film.
Answer: National anthem

Q11. To support the demonetisation move and advance the governments vision for cashless India, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) will hold a 2-day Less Cash India Summit from December 2 in……..? 
Answer: New Delhi

Q12. International Day of Persons with Disabilities being observed on 03rd December 2016. The theme of World Disability Day for 2016 is……………..?
Answer: Achieving 17 Goals for the Future We Want

Q13. According to United Nations report India’s economy projected to grow how much percent in 2017?
Answer: 7.6 per cent

Q14. Which country have won the Asian Football Council’s Developing Member Association of the Year Award 2016?
Answer: India

Q15. The world’s shortest scheduled service flying it from dubai to doha within 80 minutes on an Airbus A380 launched by which airline?
Answer: Emirates airline