Current Affairs for RBI assistant Mains Exam 2017

Q1. Which movies had bagged as many as four awards, including for the Best Film, at the 23rd Star Screen Awards 2016 recently?
Answer: Pink

Q2. The VISAKA scheme launched by the Union Ministry for Human Resource Development is aimed at making people aware about-
Answer: Cashless economic system

Q3. Who has been appointed as a CEO & Director of Airtel Digital TV DTH arm?
Answer: Sunil Taldar

Q4. The Hornbill Festival began was observed recently in which state? The festival coincides with the Statehood Day of the state which is observed on December 1.
Answer: Nagaland

Q5. Breaking the Bofors jinx, India and ___________ inked a nearly Rs 5,000 crore deal for 145 M777 ultra-light howitzers, which will be mostly deployed near the borders with China.
Answer: KPMG and Microsoft

Q6. President Pranab Mukherjee has inaugurated the first ever International Gita Mahotsav in………?
Answer: Kurukshetra, Haryana

Q7. John Key unexpectedly announced his resignation recently as the Prime Minister of-
Answer: New Zealand

Q8. Who has been appointed as a Senior Vice-President of Asian Football Confederation?
Answer: Praful Patel

Q9. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal have been jointly named “Asian of the Year 2016” by Singapore-based newspaper The Straits Times. They are the founders of
Answer: Flipkart

Q10. Name the Prime Minister of France, who has resigned from Prime minister shaft and to declare himself a candidate for the presidency? 
Answer: Manuel Valls

Q11. Under the second Meeting of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of RBI, What is the Reverse Repo Rate?
Answer: 5.75%

Q12. India has agreed to train the southeast nation’s Sukhoi-30 fighter pilots, In order to further boost its growing defence ties with which country?
Answer: Vietnam

Q13. The first of its kind app on breastfeeding protection jointly launched by Jual Oram, Union Minister of Tribal Affairs, A.V. Swamy, Member of Parliament, and Arun Kumar Panda, Additional Secretary, Health and Family Welfare and Mission Director, NHM, Government of India is?
Answer: Stanpan Suraksha

Q14. According to The World Economic Forum (WEF) which language ranked 10th in the top 10 most powerful languages on the world?
Answer: Hindi

Q15. The world’s first hospital train, Lifeline Express train gets how many additional coaches for cancer treatment?
Answer: 2