Daily Vocabulary: 18th January 2020

Word: Temporal : लौकिक
Meaning: relating to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs; secular.
Synonyms: temporary, worldly, earthly, terrestrial
Antonyms: spiritual, permanent, lasting, endless
Usage in a Sentence: The devout villagers, in their appeal for spiritual aid, did not forget the importance of temporal weapons.

Word: Stereotype : श्रेणीबद्ध करना
Meaning: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.
Synonyms: categorize, pigeonhole, cliché, archetype
Antonyms: differentiate, disorganize, dissimilate,
Usage in a Sentence: It’s not fair to stereotype a whole group of people based on one person you don’t like.

Word: Discard  : रद्द करें
Meaning: get rid of (someone or something) as no longer useful or desirable
Synonyms: throw away, dump, reject, dismiss, waste
Antonyms: keep, retain, embrace, cherish
Usage in a Sentence: Hilary bundled up the clothes she had discarded.

Word: Eventful : घटने वाला
Meaning: marked by interesting or exciting events.
Synonyms: momentous, memorable, significant, noteworthy
Antonyms: uneventful, dull, insignificant, trivial
Usage in a Sentence: It was an extremely eventful period in American history.

Word: Proselytize : फुसलाना
Meaning: To attempt to convert someone to one’s own religious faith
Synonyms: propagandist, campaigner, crusader
Antonyms: nonpartisan, decode, stay, dissuade
Usage in a Sentence: The efforts of early missionaries to proselytize the Native Americans of Minnesota were largely unproductive.

Word: Decency : शिष्टता
Meaning: behaviour that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.
Synonyms: morality, integrity, propriety, righteousness, decorum, virtue
Antonyms: discourtesy, impropriety, impoliteness, indecency
Usage in a Sentence: Sending aid to the victims was simply a matter of common decency.

Word: Exhortation : प्रबोधन
Meaning: an address or communication emphatically urging someone to do something.
Synonyms: persuasion, encouragement, urging
Antonyms: dissuasion, arbitration
Usage in a sentence: After repeated exhortation by his comrades, he finally straightened out his thinking.

Word: Contemporary : समकालीन
Meaning: living or occurring at the same time.
Synonyms: current, modern, present, topical
Antonyms: old, vintage, traditional, dated, archaic
Usage in a Sentence: She purchased a magazine devoted to contemporary fashions.

Word: Levitation : उत्तोलन
Meaning: the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.
Synonyms: lift, rise, upsurge, ascent, ascension
Antonym: ascension
Usage in a Sentence: Apparently he’ll be doing some levitation on the stage tomorrow.

Word: Quaint : विचित्र
Meaning: attractively unusual or old-fashioned.
Synonyms: odd, strange, eccentric, unusual, peculiar
Antonyms: ordinary, normal, common, usual
Usage in a Sentence: The writer talks about the quaint customs of the natives.

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