Daily Vocabulary Word 23rd May 2020- Daily Use Words

Here is the 23rd May Vocabulary, Learn these ten words to improve your vocabulary, It will be helpful for upcoming exams like SBI PO Prelims, RBI Assistant Mains, SBI Clerk Mains, UPSC EPFO, SEBI Grade A and other exams.

SHUNT(Verb): अलग धकेलना
Meaning: to push or shove something
Synonyms: avoid, deter
Antonyms: aid, allow
Example: It’s unfortunate that our society tends to shunt older workers to retire before they are ready.

SLUMBER (verb) : नींद
Meaning: sleep.
Synonyms: coma, dormancy, stupor, doze
Antonyms: consciousness, activity, energy
Example: They were rather of the sort that closes solemnly in slumber with majestic effect.

INDIGNATION (noun) : रोष
Meaning: anger or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment.
Synonyms: displeasure, exasperation, fury, ire
Antonyms: calm, cheer, delight, happiness
Example: Eudora’s countenance kindled with indignation, as she listened to what Milza had told.

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INTRINSIC (Adjective) : आंतरिक
Meaning: belonging naturally; essential.
Synonyms: inherent, innate, inborn, inbred, congenital
Antonyms: extrinsic, acquired
Example: Study has intrinsic worth, as well as helping you achieve your goals.

VITRIOLIC (Adjective) : कटु
Meaning: filled with bitter criticism or malice.
Synonyms: acrimonious, rancorous, bitter, caustic, mordant
Antonyms: pleasant, kind
Example: The newspaper launched a vitriolic attack on the president.

DECRY (Verb) – दोष देना
Meaning: publicly denounce.
Synonyms: denounce, condemn, criticize, censure, damn, attack
Antonyms: praise, overrate
Example: He is impatient with those who decry the scheme.

SULKY (Adjective): उदास
Meaning: morose, bad-tempered, and resentful; refusing to be cooperative or cheerful.
Synonyms: Sullen, surly, pouting, petulant
Antonyms: cheerful, amiable
Example: Jay was quite sulky at the graduation party, but he tried to hide his apathetic attitude.

INTERDICT (Noun): पाबंदी
Meaning: an authoritative prohibition, in particular
Synonym: prohibition, ban, bar, veto, proscription,
Antonym: corroborate, support
Usage: Because I failed most of my classes last term, my parents will probably interdict me from working this semester.

FRACTIOUS (adjective) : झगड़ालू
Meaning: irritable and quarrelsome.
Synonyms: grumpy, cantankerous, peevish, irascible.
Antonyms: amicable, docile, affable, genial.
Usage: During the concert, police officers were on hand just in case the crowd became fractious.

CONFLATE (verb): मिलाना
Meaning: combine (two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc.) into one.
Synonyms: amalgamate, converge, unify, fuse.
Antonyms: divide, part, separate, rupture.
Usage: To conflate art and science, teachers must design activities that blend the two.

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