Daily Vocabulary Words 18th April 2020- Daily Use Words

DIASPORA (noun): प्रवासी
Meaning: The dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland.
Synonyms: exodus, disbandment, dispersal
Usage: The fourth method employed by the Brethren was the Diaspora.

ACQUITTAL (noun): दोषमुक्ति
Meaning: a judgment or verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime with which they have been charged.
Synonyms: absolution, exoneration, exculpation, liberation.
Antonyms: conviction, accusation, incrimination, indictment.
Usage: Now the choice is to go to trial on a felony assault charge and hope for an acquittal or plead guilty to a misdemeanor.

STEER(Verb): रास्ते पर लाना
Meaning: to take someone or something or make someone or something go in the direction in which you want him, her, or it
Synonyms: escort, drive
Antonyms: abandon
Usage: The main task of the new government will be to steer the country towards democracy.

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ACUMEN (noun): कुशाग्र बुद्धि
Meaning: the ability to make good judgments and take quick decisions.
Synonyms: shrewdness, acuity, cleverness, smartness.
Antonyms: guilelessness, ingenuousness, artlessness, fatuity.
Usage: But generally I prefer policies that demonstrate a scintilla of common sense and financial acumen.

PLACATE (Verb): तसल्ली देना
Meaning: make (someone) less angry or hostile.
Synonym: appease, assuage, conciliate, pacify
Antonym: aggravate, annoy, antagonize, bother, provoke
Usage: The police officer tried to placate the two scared drivers at the scene of the accident.

DISCERNIBLE (adjective) : प्रत्यक्ष
Meaning: able to be perceived by a sense or by the mind.
Synonyms: detectable, distinguishable, palpable, perceptible.
Antonyms: impalpable, imperceptible, inappreciable, intangible.
Usage: Even though Jane used makeup to cover the bruises on her face, the marks were discernible to me.

CANON (noun) : नियम
Meaning: a general law or criterion by which something is judged.
Synonyms: principle, rule, tenet, standard.
Usage: All they have is administrative fiat which fails any of the canons of the rule of law.

WITHER (Verb): घटाना
Meaning: fall into decay or decline
Synonym: diminish, dwindle, shrink, lessen, fade
Antonym: grow
Usage: Words to express her feelings seemed to wither and die inside her.

HUMOROUS(Adjective): मनोरंजक
Meaning: funny, or making you laugh
Synonyms: amusing, comic
Antonyms: boring, serious
Usage: I suppose the play is quite humorous, but it is let down by the actors’ weak performances.

CONCISION(Noun): संक्षिप्ति
Meaning: the quality of being short and clear, and expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words
Synonyms: brevity, curtness
Antonyms: lengthiness, longevity
Usage: The author is not known for brevity or conciseness.

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