Economic and Social Issues Questions for NABARD Grade A Prelims 2020

Check one liner questions of Economic & Social Issues. Prepare for NABARD Grade A prelims exam.

NABARD Grade A Prelims 2020: NABARD Grade A prelims 2020 will be held on 25th February 2020. The Economic & Social Issues section will play a crucial role as out of 200, 40 questions will be asked from this section.

The economic & social issues will consist of topics releated to Indian economy & issues releated to society with special focus on rural India. Good Study source along with practice will help you to score more marks in this section. Economic & Social issues  and Agriculture & Rural Development will be a game-changer as all the other sections are asked in almost all Banking & Insurance exams. Candidates who want to crack NABARD Grade A prelims 2020 should not ignore this section.

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To help you ace Economic & social issues section of NABARD Grade A prelims 2020, ADDA247 has made one-liner questions of NABARD Grade A Economic & Social issues. The one-liner questions are given below. More questions will be updated in due course.

Q1: India has adopted which type of economy to accelerate the pace of economic development?
Answer: Mixed Economy.

Q2: Which is the largest private-sector employer in India?
Answer: IT Sector.

Q3: Which city is known as the “Financial Centre of India”?
Answer: Mumbai.

Q4: Name all the our basic premises of LPG Policy of 1991.
Answer: Devaluation, Disinvestment, Allowing FDI & NRI Scheme.

Q5: Full Form of International Monetary Fund EFF.
Answer: Extended Fund Facility.

Q6: Price rise at very small rate (<3%) is known as
Answer: Creeping Inflation.

Q7: Price rise at very high rate (20% < Inflation < 100%) as
Answer: Hyperinflation or Galloping Inflation or Runway Inflation.

Q8: —- is the combination of high unemployment with high inflation.
Answer: Stagflation.

Q9: Which parameter is used for adjusting income and expenditure streams for changes in the cost of living.
Answer: CPI.

Q10: To control inflation, the central bank raises —- which reduces the lending capacity of the commercial banks.
Answer: Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR).

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