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English Language Quiz For Bank Mains Exam 2023-29th November

Directions (1-5): Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which one sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

By launching a trade war against China, the United States government that had pressured many a country to liberalise trade and globalise seems to have turned against its own agenda. In a series of aggressive moves, the U.S. — the one-time votary of freer trade — has put in place. _____________________________________________________. These moves initiated by the Donald Trump administration were on occasion targeted at multiple countries. They involved rewriting the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico but the focus of the trade and technology war has been China.

(a) It has widened the coverage of a protectionist shield aimed at stimulating domestic production and reducing the country’s trade deficit.
(b) Treasury has designated China as a currency manipulator.
(c) What is clear, however, is that given the importance of China as a global manufacturing hub, these measures have disrupted global value.
(d) Benedict tapped into a genuine grievance and railed against elements of a regime he too was a beneficiary of that brought him to power once.
(e)None of these

The Constituent Assembly formation was the culmination of the final stage of the struggle for freedom and Independence, which was won by the supreme sacrifices made by millions of Indians. People across the length and breadth of the country made sacrifices in one way or the other. __________________________________________. Every succeeding generation in India owes an eternal debt of gratitude to the country’s forefathers for this ‘sacred text’. There is absolutely no doubt that we must keep the spirit of this text as well as the letter, while also protecting Constitutional values and its morality.
(a) Parliament, the judiciary and the executive are all under stress
(b) On January 26, 1950, India got its Constitution
(c) Things are going wrong in these fast-changing times.
(d) They are indifferent to whether it is a government of the people and by the people.
(e)None of these

Today, liberty, equality and fraternity are becoming subservient to a new idea of sovereignty. Ultra-nationalism has trampled over basic human rights and the dignities of citizens, especially of the “downtrodden” and the “minorities”. Constitutionalism is being forgotten. _____________________________________________. Each organ is paying lip service to this fundamental principle. Examples are writ large in front of us and happen every day.
(a) The ruling party cannot be satisfied with chest thumping on Triple Talaq or the abrogation of Article 370.
(b) The bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir is most condemnable.
(c) As a result democratic principles are unable to check legislative, judicial and executive powers.
(d)The government’s strategy on the abrogation of Article 370 is by far the most serious challenge to federalism.
(e) None of These

The creation of the post of the Chief of the Defence Staff, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in his Independence Day address, fulfils a long-felt and consistently articulated need to strengthen India’s defence posture.______________________________________. Indeed, Manohar Parrikar, as Defence Minister, had said this was on the cards. Yet, two Defence Ministers came and went, Arun Jaitley and Nirmala Sitharaman, and this logical step was not taken. Since this is to be a ‘single-point’ advisory position to the government, there must have been entrenched opposition to this becoming reality.

(a) Considering that the Prime Minister underlined this announcement by saying that this was an “important” development, it gives legitimate pause to wonder why this has taken so many decades.
(b) The CDS is expected to bridge such dangerous gaps and reduce response time.
(c) It is envisaged he will keep the Defence Minister, continuously and fully briefed and effectively advised.
(d) There was inadequate appreciation of the ground situation by the Indian Army, and poor sharing of intelligence
(e)None of these

Offers of admission are the product of much careful thought and hard work — both by the students who apply and by the universities that review the applications. Families also play an important, supportive role. At this time last year, our daughter, after many hours of working on her application essays and preparing for standardized admissions exams, was deciding which university to attend. It’s a big decision, but there are really no bad choices. __________________________

(a) The United States values diversity and actively supports students from varied backgrounds.
(b) Even a school that might not have been one’s first choice has a way of turning out to be the perfect fit.
(c) Sometimes, we don’t know what we should want.
(d) Thankfully, US universities pay careful attention to the safety and welfare of their students.
(e) In early autumn, the Education USA university tour will stop in all seven cities with advising centers.


S1. Ans. (a)
Sol. The given stanza is talking about a trade war which is launched against China. As it says that U.S had pressured many countries for liberalisation and globalization but it has now turned against its own agenda because of focused trade and technology war against China. Option (d) is stating about some other person so it can be omitted easily. Option (c) is talking about measures resulting into a disrupted global value so it’s irrelevant with respect to the information given before the blank. Option (b) can also be removed as it is not in context with the stanza. However, option (a) is relating to the sentence right before the blank. It is elaborating ‘the one time votary of freer trade’ which has widened the coverage of a protectionist shield aimed at stimulating domestic production and reducing the country’s trade deficit.’ Hence option (a) is justifiably correct.

S2. Ans. (b)
Sol. Here, the paragraph is about struggle for freedom and independence. Further, it is mentioning about sacrifices made by the people in different ways. While closely reading the sentences just after the blank, you will notice that it is talking about some text. Option (b) stands completely in relevance with the same. Here, constitution is mentioned as ‘sacred text’. Rest of the options are out of context of this stanza. Hence, option (b) is correct answer choice.

S3. Ans. (c)
Sol. Here, it is mentioned in the above given stanza how constitutionalism is forgotten and basic human rights and citizens’ dignity is trampled over nationalism. The blank must contain the after effects of forgotten constitutionalism. While going through the given options option (a) and (b) can be easily omitted as they are out of context. Also, option (d) has no relevance with the stanza. But option (c) showcases the drawbacks of forgotten constitutionalism which lead to inability for checking legislative, judicial and legislative powers. Hence, option (c) is right answer choice.

S4. Ans. (a)
Sol. The paragraph is talking about creation of CDS post announced by PM in his Independence Day address. Option (b) states to ‘bridge such gaps’ but ‘which gaps’: it fails to mention. Option (c) mentions information about some person keeping the Defence Minister fully briefed and effectively advised, so it’s irrelevant. Option (d) is also out of context. However, option (a) carries relevance to the statement before the blank because it is elaborating information about the announcement made by PM. Hence, option (a) is right answer choice.

S5. Ans. (b)
Sol. Read the paragraph, it emphasizes on the hard work of the students to attain a good university for admissions. Only sentence (b) fits into the paragraph and conclude the paragraph saying about the school that turn out to be a perfect fit despite of not having one’s first choice. All other sentences are telling us about US universities which are irrelevant to the paragraph. Hence sentence (b) is the right choice.

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When is the IBPS Clerk Mains exam scheduled for?

The IBPS Clerk Mains exam is scheduled for 7 October 2023.