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English Quiz 14th June-English Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains 2020

English Language Questions for RBI Assistant Mains 2020: The Reserve Bank of India will conduct the Main exam which is the final phase for the recruitment of Assistants. English Language is one of the sections students need to prepare for RBI Assistant Mains 2020 examination and here we are providing our students with daily mocks or quizzes in a new and simple pattern which will help you practice more effectively for the fight against 926 vacancies of RBI Assistant 2020 recruitment. We are providing you daily english quizzes based on the questions which were asked in previous days of RBI Assistant Mains examination and you can also check the study plan for RBI Assistant Mains to enhance your preparation. The quiz contains Miscellaneous Based Quiz. Stay with Bankers Adda for the latest Quizzes,Study notes,Test series, and other helpful study material.

Directions (1-5): In the following questions, a phrase is given in bold whose meaning can be inferred from one of the highlighted words/phrases of four sentences given below each phrase. Choose the most appropriate meaning of the phrase among the four options that can also be replaced by the given phrase without altering the meaning of the sentence. If none of the sentences conveys the correct meaning, choose (e) i.e., “None of the above” as your answer.

Q1. A dime a dozen

(a) Websites on health and fitness are very common nowadays, but not all of them are accurate and have correct information.

(b) Their piercing war-whoops were blended with the loud beatings of a kind of drum which they had fabricated.

(c) The importance of this invention to the cotton industry of the world cannot be overestimated.

(d) The IMF also does not shy away from helping countries meet their debt service obligations.

(e) None of the above.

Q2. Run-of-the-mill

(a) Every year he adds some fresh decoration, some new and exceptional scene.

(b) He was determined to open a select school for advanced scholars.

(c) All mundane phenomena were inexplicably contorted that night.

(d) There are courses that are foundational and that must therefore be governed by an eclectic aim.

(e) None of the above.

Q3. Man of Straw

(a) His presence was hardly noticed at first, so insignificant was the man.

(b) Everybody can’t be as sensible and handsome as we are, you know.

(c) Napoleon, himself a sceptic, was cognizant of this slave philosophy.

(d) As usual he addressed the dog as though he were a sentient being.

(e) None of the above

Q4. High and dry

(a) But the voice was so enfeebled by disease as to be scarcely audible.

(b) Karl has been disabled by a wound in the right arm, and can render no further help.

(c) He was decorated again and given the battlewagon of an ailing four-striper.

(d) They were stranded, as it were, on some reef above a dense void.

(e) None of the above.

Q5. Soft soap

(a) At the lowest mark, the balance will be even, and there’ll be no obligation at all.

(b) The singularity that struck me most about her ladyship was her indifference to flattery.

(c) When I came on to the stage I was always greeted by applause from these young men.

(d) I am deeply impressed with gratitude for the confidence reposed in me.

(e) None of the above.

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