RBI Assistant Mains Exam Study Plan 2020 – Download PDF now

RBI Assistant Mains 2020: Follow RBI Assistant Mains 2019-20 study plan to ace the exam. We have provided 30 days comphrensive study plan to ace RBI Assistant exam 2019-20. The study plan incorporates all the sections which will be asked in RBI Assistant Mains exam.

| Updated On March 30th, 2020 at 03:00 pm

RBI Assistant Mains Study Plan 2020: RBI Assistant prelims 2020 result declared. The Mains exam is Postpone due to coronavirus thus giving more time to students for their preparation. To guide you all for the RBI Assistant Mains Exam, we have come up with a study plan to make your journey more organized. This study plan is prepared keeping in mind RBI Assistant Syllabus and question paper trends. 

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This is the best time when you can follow this study plan with all your heart and soul. With extra time, put in extra efforts to make sure that you are making into the final merit list. This study plan is especially made to help the students and save their time.

RBI Assistant Mains 2020: Check Exam Pattern

  • Total time allowed: 135 minutes
  • Total question: 200 questions
  • Sectional Timing- Yes
  • Sectional Cut Off- Yes
Serial Number Name of Test No. of Question Maximum Marks Duration
1. Test Of English Language 40 40 30 minutes
2. Test of Reasoning 40 40 30 minutes
3. Test Of Computer Knowledge 40 40 20 minutes
4. Test Of General Awareness 40 40 25 minutes
5. Test of  Numerical Ability 40 40 30 minutes
  Total 200 200 135 minutes

RBI Assistant Mains 2020: Study Plan

Date English language Reasoning Ability Numerical Ability Computer Knowledge General Awareness
17 Feb

Practice-Reading Comprehension

Floor based puzzle, Direction and coding -decoding Missing Series Revision Computer Notes Current Affairs of October+RBI and its Functions
18 Feb Column Based Filler +Sentence based Error Detection Designation based puzzle, Inequality, Logical Practice- Quadratic Equation  Comparison Revision Computer Notes Current Affairs of October+Capital/Currency
19 Feb Reading Comprehension  + Sentence Improvement  Practice-  Syllogism Average & Ages Computer Quiz Set-01 Current Affairs of November+Capital and Money Market
20 Feb

Practice-Parajumble + Column filler

Month based puzzle, Syllogism, Input-Output Ratio Proportion and Mixture & Alligation Revision Computer Notes Current Affairs of November+CM/Governor
21 Feb Starters  + Reading Comprehension  Linear Puzzle, Blood Relation, Alphanumeric Series Practice-  Data Sufficiency Revision Computer Notes Current Affairs of December+Money Market Instruments
22 Feb Cloze Test  + Coherent Paragraph  Practice-Blood Relation Partnership and Profit & Loss Revision Computer Notes Current Affairs of December+National Parks
23 Feb Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock
24 Feb

Practice- Para Completion + Cloze Test

Circular Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Inequality Simple Interest & Compound Interest Revision Computer Notes Current Affairs of January+Union Budget
25 Feb Sentence Rearrangement+ Vocabulary + Paragraph Completion Floor Puzzle, Direction, Logical Practice- Quantity Comparison Revision Computer Generations Current Affairs of February+Economy Survey
26 Feb Word Swap  + Double Sentence Single Blank  Fillers+Inference Based  Practice- Coding Decoding, Inequalities Time & Work, Pipe & Cisterns Computer Quiz Set-02 Current Affairs of February+Union Ministers
27 Feb Practice- Word Swap + Double Sentence single filler Box Puzzle, Syllogism, Short Puzzle Speed Time Distance, Trains, Boat & Stream Revision -IT Current Affairs of October+PSB’s tagline
28 Feb Reading Comprehension  + Para-Jumble  Triangular Puzzle, Data Sufficiency Blood Relation Practice-Approximation Revision Computer Terminology Current Affairs of October+Indian Cities on River Banks
29 Feb Word Rearrangement + Phrasal Verb Filler +Word Usage Practice-Linear Seating arrangements Mensuration 2D & 3D Revision Computer Hardware Current Affairs of November+Monetary Policy
1 March Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock Current Affairs of November+Capiatl/Currency
2 March Practice-Phrasal Verb Filler +Word Usage Designation based Puzzle, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding P & C and Probability Revision-Computer-Terms in Banking Current Affairs of December+ HQs of PSBs
3 March Column Based Phrase  + Paragraph Completion  Month based Puzzle, Direction and Alphanumeric Series  Practice-Age Problems Revision-Computer-Terms in Banking Current Affairs of December+CM/Governors
4 March Reading Comprehension + Double Sentence Single Blank Filler Practice- Logical Reasoning Quadratic Inequality & Quantity Based Computer Quiz Set-03 Current Affairs of January+International Financil Organisations
5 March Practice- Error Detection Linear Puzzle, Blood Relation, Logical Data Sufficiency and Wrong Number Series Revision Computer Terms in banking Current Affairs of January+Union Cabinet Ministers
6 March Error Detection,Vocabulary  Circular Puzzle, Inequality, Direction Practice-DI-Arithmetic Revision-Computer Hardware Current Affairs of February+Abbreviations in Banking/Financial
7 March Column Based, Para-Jumble Practice- Circular Puzzles DI 1 (Miscellaneous) Revision- IT terms-Banking Current Affairs of February/Capital of Indian Sates
8 March Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock  Mini Mock Current Affairs of October+RBI and its functions
9 March Practice- Column Based, Idioms & Phrases Floor Puzzle, Input-Output, Coding-Decoding DI 2 (Miscellaneous) Revision-IT-Terms Banking Current Affairs of October+National Parks in India
10 March Reading Comprehension, Close Test Square Puzzle, Alphanumeric Series, Logical Practice- Caselet-DI Revision- Hardware Current Affairs of November+ Money Market Instruments
11 March Sentence Improvement, Idioms & Phrases Practice- Box Puzzles Caselet, Approximation Computer Quiz Set-04 Current Affairs of November+Wildlife sanctuaries
12 March English Quiz Miscellaneous Based puzzle, input-output Miscellaneous DI, Missing Series All India Maha Mock Current Affairs of December+Capital Market and Money Market
13 March Word Swap, Paragraph Completion Box Puzzle, Syllogism, Miscellaneous Practice-Mensuration Computer Quiz Set-05 Current Affairs of December+Union Budget
14 March All India Maha Mock All India Maha Mock All India Maha Mock Mini Mock ( PYSP) Current Affairs of January+Economy Survey
15 March Mini Mock (PYSP) Mini Mock ( PYSP) Mini Mock ( PYSP) Mini Mock ( PYSP) Mini Mock
16 March Practice- Word Swap & Paragraph Completion Month Based Puzzle, Inequality and Short Puzzle Caselet (Filler Based), Double Pattern Series Computer Quiz Set-06 Current Affairs of February+Indian Banking System
17 March Sentence Based Fillers, Error Detection Circular Puzzle, Coding-decoding, Input-Output DI-( Arithmetic)   Current Affairs of February+Nicknames of Indian Cities
18 March Column Sentence, Phrasal Verb Fillers Practice- Input Output Quantity Based, Quadratic Inequalities Computer Quiz Set-07 Current Affairs of March+Indian Banking System
19 March Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Designation based puzzle, Blood relation, Direction  Word Problem, Approximation   Current Affairs of March+Financial Market
20 March Double Sentence Single Filler,Sentence Improvement Linear Puzzle, Inequality, Logical Practice- Data Interpretation, Missing Series   Current Affairs of November+Union Budget and Economy Survey
 21 March Practice Error Detection, Word Swap Practice-Data Sufficiency Word Problem, Simplification, Caselet   Current Affairs of December+Union Budget and Economy Survey
 22 March Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock Mini Mock
23 March Coherent paragraph, Cloze Test circular Puzzle,Syllogism, Input-Output Word Problem, Quantity Based   Current Affairs of January+Capital/Currency
24 March Paragraph Completion, Word Usage Square Puzzle, Coding-decoding, short puzzle Practice- Simplification, Caselet, Data sufficiency   Current Affairs of February+CM/Governors
25 March Practice Column Based Filler,Reading Comprehension Practice-Direction Sense Missing series, Word Problem Computer Quiz Set-08 Current Affairs of March+Padma Awards 2020
26 march Para-Completion, Inference Based, Error detection Box puzzle, Blood relation, Miscellaneous Data Interpretation, Approximation   Current Affairs of February+Natioanl Parks/wildlife santuries 
27 March Sentence Improvement,Word Usage, Para- Jumble Circular Puzzle, Data Sufficiency Practice- Caselet, Wrong Series, Word Problem   Current Affairs of March+Union Budger and Economy Survey
28 March Practice Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test Practice- Floor Puzzles Simplification, Data Interpretation, Quadratic Inequalities   Current Affairs of March+Union Ministers and their constituencies 
 29 March Paragraph completion, Vocabulary Month based Puzzle, Direction and Miscellaneous Word Problem, Simplification, Missing Series   GA Practice Set
 30 March Error detection, Word Usage Circular Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Inequality Quadratic Inequality, Wrong Series, Caselet Computer Quiz Set-10 GA Practice Set
31 March Double Sentence Single Filler, Column Filler  Linear Puzzle, Blood Relation, Series Approximation, Data Interpretation, Word Problem   GA Practice Set

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