English Quiz for 21st June: English Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

SBI Clerk Mains English Language Quiz

Is your DREAM to get selected in SBI Clerk 2020 recruitment? Well, then you must speed up your preparation as the Main exam which is the final step towards selection will soon be announced. So, students should utilize this time intelligently. The English Language is one of the subjects you’ll need to deal with and to help you keep your preparation up to the mark, here we provide you with a questionnaire of English Language to crack SBI Clerk Main. For other subjects, you can check the SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan. Directions (1-5): In the questions given below, there is a sentence in which one part is given in bold. The part given in bold may or may not be grammatically correct. Choose the best alternative among the four given which can replace the part in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct. If the part given in bold is already correct and does not require any replacement, choose option (e), i.e. “No replacement required” as your answer.  Q1. Supreme Court had correctly deduced whether the spate of lynchings and emboldening of mobs is a law and order issue needing administrative redress. (a) Supreme Court had correctly deducing that (b) Supreme Court has correctly deduced whether (c) Supreme Court has been correctly deduced that (d) Supreme Court has correctly deduced that (e) No replacement required Q2. Electric power is the way to go for the transport sector, gave the need to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. (a) to give the need to curbing the (b) to give the need to curb (c) given the need to curb (d) gave the need to curb (e) No replacement required Q3. This Independence Day, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced India’s manned space mission by 2022, among the surprising were Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) scientists. (a) among those surprised were (b) between the surprised were (c) amongst the surprised are (d) with those surprising are (e) No replacement required Q4. It was the curiosity to know of the reason for behind the fall of an apple which made Isaac Newton invent the Laws of Motion. (a) of knowing the reason for (b) of knowing the reason (c) to know of the reason (d) for knowing of the reason (e) No replacement required Q5. It is not only the change but ‘the rate of change’ also that is increasing as we are moving forward in the journey of human evolution. (a) we have been moving forward on (b) we have moved forward to (c) we were moving forward to (d) we had moved forward in (e) No replacement required To attempt the complete quiz refer to the links given below:
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