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English Quizzes For ESIC- UDC, Steno, MTS Prelims 2022: 29th January

Directions (1-5): Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.
(A) The reasons for the nationalization of the industry are concerned mostly with the unethical practices adopted by some of the players against the interest of the insurance consumers.
(B) The Indian insurance Industry is as old as it is in any other part of the world.
(C) Along with these achievements there, however, also grew a feeling of insensitivity to the needs of the market which probably led to a feeling amongst the public that the insurance industry was not fully responsive to customer needs.
(D) The first insurance company in India was started in 1818 in Kolkata.
(E) Nationalisation has lent the industry solidity, growth and outreach, which is unparalleled.
(F) We had a number of foreign and Indian insurance companies operating in the Indian Market till the nationalization of the industry took place.


Q1. Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) D
(e) E

Q2. Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
(a) B
(b) C
(c) D
(d) E
(e) F

Q3. Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
(a) C
(b) D
(c) E
(d) F
(e) A

Q4. Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
(a) D
(b) E
(c) F
(d) A
(e) B

Q5. Which of the following should be the LAST (SIXTH) sentence after rearrangement?
(a) E
(b) F
(c) A
(d) B
(e) C

Directions (6-10): In each of the following sentence there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct.

Q6. The recently………………Olympic games experienced some unhealthy practices…………… by a few athletes.
(a) concluded, resorted
(b) finished, preferred
(c) held, exhibited
(d) over, adhered
(e) closed, devoured

Q7. If criminals are…………….to join electoral fray,………………is likely to increase.
(a) compelled, brotherhood
(b) encouraged, harmony
(c) allowed, extortion
(d) deterred, corruption
(e) invited, voting

Q8. Though the country has……………free medical service for the poor, it is……………
(a) stopped, unaffordable
(b) rendered, essential
(c) maintained, admirable
(d) favoured, appreciable
(e) instituted, inadequate

Q9. Germany had been a nation………………in one country of numerous states which had a common language and…………………
(a) assembled, dialect
(b) assimilated, script
(c) embedded, civilization
(d) united, traditions
(e) formed, code

Q10. Public announcements of……………by the Government is considered as…………….of code of conduct during the pre-elections period.
(a) freebies, appeasement
(b) favours, violation
(c) policies, honour
(d) provisions, imposition
(e) manifestos, breaches

Directions (11-15): Which of the phrase (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer.

Q11. The military has highly sophisticated simulators on which soldiers train.
(a) which soldier training on
(b) on which soldier have trains
(c) which the soldier do train
(d) on which the soldiers have been trained
(e) No correction required

Q12. Any policy of social welfare will be likely to face resistance from vested interests.
(a) would be like facing
(b) will be likely facing
(c) is likely to face
(d) is likely to be facing with
(e) No correction required

Q13. The key to a competitive economy is its investment regime.
(a) in its invested regime
(b) in its investment regime
(c) investment of its regime
(d) investment in its regime
(e) No correction required

Q14. The honourable court had taken a lenient view because the accused have not previous conviction.
(a) had no previous conviction
(b) had not previously convicted
(c) had not been previous convictions
(d) had no previously convicted
(e) No correction required

Q15. Our foreign exchange reserves have increased substantial.
(a) have been increased substantially
(b) have increased substantially
(c) have substantially increasing
(d) have been substantial increase
(e) No correction required


Solutions (1-5)
The correct sequence to form meaningful paragraph is BDFAEC.
S1. Ans.(b)
S2. Ans.(c)
S3. Ans.(d)
S4. Ans.(d)
S5. Ans.(e)
S6. Ans.(a)
Sol. The correct use is ‘concluded, resorted’ where ‘concluded’ means bring or come to an end and ‘resorted’ means turn to and adopt (a course of action, especially an extreme or undesirable one) so as to resolve a difficult situation.

S7. Ans.(c)
Sol. The correct use is ‘allowed, extortion’ where ‘extortion’ means the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

S8. Ans.(e)
Sol. The correct use is ‘instituted, inadequate’ where ‘instituted’ means to introduce or establish (a scheme, undertaking, or policy) and ‘inadequate’ means insufficient for a purpose.

S9. Ans.(e)
Sol. The correct use is ‘formed, code’.

S10. Ans.(b)
Sol. The correct use is ‘favours, violation’.

S11. Ans.(e)
Sol. No correction required

S12. Ans.(c)
Sol. Replace ‘will be likely to face’ with ‘is likely to face’.

S13. Ans.(e)
Sol. No correction required

S14. Ans.(a)
Sol. Replace ‘have not previous conviction’ with ‘had no previous conviction’

S15. Ans.(b)
Sol. Replace ‘have increased substantial’ with ‘have increased substantially’

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