FCI Agriculture Quiz 10

FCI Recruitment 2021: Good News for all the aspirants, Bankers Adda team is coming up with Exclusive Questions of Agriculture for FCI AGM 2021 on the Adda247 app also, so download the Adda247 App now to attempt these quizzes. We have started this series on 18th March 2021. So, do attempt it daily from today and crack the FCI AGM 2021 Exam.


Q1. The rank of India in Rice production in world is

A. First

B. Second

C. Fifth

D. Four

E. None of these

Explanation:- China is the largest producer, accounting for 30% of the production, followed by India (24%).


Q2. The recommended trap crop for Tomato fruit crop

A. Papaya

B. Neem

C. Marigold

D. Cauliflower

E. None of these

Explanation:- In tomato marigold or cucumber is commonly used as a trap crop for every 15 rows of the main crop to attract tomato fruit borer.


Q3. The inflorescence of sugarcane is

A. Curd

B. Spike

C. Arrow

D. Panicle

E. None of these

Explanation:- Sugarcane inflorescence is a panicle called an arrow.


Q4. The first organic state in India

A. Madhya Pradesh

B. Goa

C. Sikkim

D. Mizoram

E. None of these

Explanation:- India ranks first in the number of organic farmers, 9th in area; Sikkim becomes the first fully organic state.


Q5. A human power equals to

A. 1hp

B. 2hp

C. 0.5hp

D. 0.1hp

E. None of these

Explanation:- A human power equals to 0.1 hp


Q6. The landholding of large farmer is

A. Less than 5ha

B. Less than 2ha

C. Less than 1 ha

D. More than 10ha

E. None of these

Explanation:- Large holdings of over 10 hectares.


Q7. The suitable late sown variety of wheat crop

A. HD 2967

B. HD 2329

C. Sonalika

D. Choti Lerma

E. None of these

Explanation:- Sonalika and Kalyan Sona are varieties of wheat. It is very suitable for late sowings and has good grains.


Q8. Most critical stage for irrigation in wheat

A. Milking stage

B. Crown root initiation (CRI)

C. Dough stage

D. Late jointing state

E. None of these

Explanation:- Crown root initiation and flowering are the most critical stages.


Q9. Nursery requirement area for one ha paddy crop planting.

A. 0.10 ha

B. 0.11 ha

C. 0.50 ha

D. 0.30 ha

E. None of these

Explanation:- 1% of the transplantable land which is much smaller than conventional nurseries.


Q10. The Dapog method is related to which crop?

A. Wheat

B. Mustard

C. Rice

D. Soybean

E. None of these

Explanation:- Dapog method of rice cultivation was first used in the Philippines.


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