FCI Agriculture Quiz 3

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Q1. World Forest Day is celebrated on

A. 1st December

B. 5th June

C. 21st March

D. 16th October

E. None of these

Explanation:– International Day of Forests 2021 is celebrated on March 20th every year. International Day of Forests is an annual observation of the United Nations (UN).


Q2. Which of the following state maximum area under soybean cultivation?

A. Maharashtra

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Rajasthan

E. None of these

Explanation:Madhya Pradesh outperformed all states and emerged as India’s Soy State.


Q3. The term ‘IPM’ full form is

A. Integrated Potato Management

B. Integrated Pollution Management

C. Integrated Pest Management

D. Incest Pest Management

E. None of these

Explanation:- Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a process you can use to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.


Q4. ‘NABARD’ was established in the year

A. 12th July 1980

B. 12th July 1982

C. 1st July 1990

D. 1st July 1992

E. None of these

Explanation:– National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was established on 12 July 1982 by an Act of the Parliament.


Q5. The example of non-climacteric fruits are

A. Mango

B. Papaya

C. Lemon

D. Banana

E. None of these

Explanation:– non-climacteric fruits include strawberry, grape, raspberry, cherry, citrus and many others.


Q6. The term ‘Monopoly market’ means

A. Single buyer of a product

B. Single sellers of a product

C. Few sellers of a commodity

D. Few buyer of a commodity

E. None of these

Explanation:–  A market structure characterized by a single seller, selling a unique product in the market.


Q7. Which crop is known as camel crop?

A. Maize

B. Wheat

C. Barely

D. Sorghum

E. None of these

Explanation:– Sorghum Heat, Drought Draw Farmers Back To Sorghum


Q8. The overhead cost is also known as

A. Variable cost

B. Total cost

C. Marginal cost

D. Fixed cost

E. None of these

Explanation:- Overhead costs, often referred to as overhead or operating expenses.


Q9. Blue Revolution is related to

A. Organic food

B. Aquaculture

C. Grapes Production

D. Biofuel

E. None of these

Explanation:– The term blue revolution refers to the remarkable emergence of aquaculture as an important and highly productive agricultural activity.


Q10. Regulated market must ensures

A. Procurement price

B. Support price

C. Remunerative price

D. Fair price

E. None of these

Explanation:– A regulated market is a market over which government bodies or, less commonly, industry or labor groups, exert a level of oversight and control.

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