Feeling Stressed? Get The Relief Guide To Manage Stress

Feeling Stressed? Get The Relief Guide To Manage Stress

Have you ever been in a situation where after just seeing the paper you felt blanked out?  Even after practicing the topics time and again you were not able to recollect how it can be solved? On the night before the exam, you had a panic attack just because you were not completely prepared and thought there is a lot which is still left out? Do you compare how much you have prepared with that of your friends and end up feeling tense? Have you ever realized why there is so much tension, worry, and stress when it comes to the exam? Why do we have that phobia or fear for the exam?  All these questions are very common among students. 

Well, we always fear the consequences of something Like

Will I pass the exam?
Will I be able to meet up to my expectations?

What if I fail? Just Remember-

Exams are not made to fail you, they are made to test your knowledge and strength to achieve something.

The fear, anxiety, tension, pressure, phobia are all in our brain. A small change in our Attitude or the way we look at the problems can make a difference.
In this Article, we will discuss the Different situations and find out the way to get the stress and fear of the exam.
Postponing the things on tomorrow:  Many of us keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow and the sad part is tomorrow never comes. The entire syllabus gets piled up and you started studying night and day, but it affects your brain too much. When you try to recollect the things, you failed and you started a panic. 

What is the solution for this?
Prepare yourself right from the start. Do not wait for tomorrow to start things. Fix your timings and start studying regularly.
Keep yourself updated: Always keep your self brushed up so that you are always aware of the things happening around. If you have missed something to revise, mark the topic and find time to make it learn.

Avoid negative feeling and self-criticism: If you have prepared well, you don’t need to fear anything. Keep calm and believe in yourself. Remember criticism is also another way to excel in the journey you have started. It’s just how you take things.

Focus on your Diet and health: When exams are near many of us keep studying regularly for hours we forget to eat food and it can result in getting saturated. Do not skip any of your meal as it will help you work your brain properly. So eat healthily.

Take a proper nap and sleep: Take small naps in between your study hours this will refresh your mind. Always take a sleep of 6-7 hours at least a day. This will keep the functioning of the brain and you will be able to recall all that you have learned.

Do some Physical work: Always add this to your routine even if you are left with a shortage of time. Mental and physical exercise will refresh your mind. Meditation will also prove as a boon to your progress.
The capacity of every individual is different: Do not compare your strengths with that of other competitors every individual is different and grasp the things differently.

Do not make the pile of too many notes/books: Avoid collecting a number of notes and books to prepare for the exam. Refer to a single platform that can teach you the whole syllabus in the best possible way.
Do not study new anything at the last minute: Do not go for something new. This will make you stress and whatever you have learned you will feel confused about that. You will just end up with the confusion.

What if you feel dizziness, nervous and tensed when you enter the examination hall?

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Just close your eyes and try to recall that you have learned til now. Try to calm your self by saying, YOU CAN DO IT. Paper will not confuse you, and you will attempt all with great confidence. Drink water and relax your body and mind.

What if you could not solve a question after multiple tries?

Do not panic. This will lose your concentration power and decision-making ability. So it’s better to leave the question. Develop the skill to pick out the question that can be solved within minutes. This will save you time. When you solve with relax mind, you will have a different approach to the question.
So, students, we hope this time you will take the exam in a different way. Give your best shot to what you desire. Opportunities are there, you just need the confidence to grab them.