Final Week’s Preparation Strategy For IBPS PO Prelims 2020

Final week’s strategy for IBPS PO Prelims 2020- IBPS has released the admit card for PO. The exam is schedule to be conducted on 3rd, 10th and 11th October 2020. This is a crucial time and it is important that you only focus on important topics. We are providing you the complete strategy for the IBPS PO which will be beneficial for you to crack this exam. These tips and tricks are generalise in nature and you can always modify them as per your convenience. Let’s take a look at the Final Week’s Strategy for IBPS PO Prelims 2020:

Final Week’s Strategy For IBPS PO Prelims 2020

Given below is the complete Final week’s Strategy for IBPS PO Prelims 2020 for all the subjects: 

Quantitative Ability: There are some of the topics which carries a lot of marks like: Number series ( 5 questions), Simplification/ Approximation (5-10 questions), DI (5-10 questions), Miscellaneous (10 questions) etc. In Numerical ability or quants section your calculation speed will play a major role, so make sure your calculation speed and accuracy are on point. For this, learn tables upto 30, square roots and cube root upto 50-20 respectively. Some of the tips related to this section are as given below:

  • Practice simplification and approximation through BODMAS rules.
  • Try to attempt or begin with topics you are comfortable at. Mind the timing, make sure you don’t spend too much time on any question.
  • Try to give as many sectionals as possible.

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English Language- There are some of the topics which carries a lot of marks like: Reading Comprehension (5-10 questions), Cloze Test (10 questions), Spotting Errors (10 questions), Fill in the blanks (5 questions), Para-jumbles ( 5 questions) etc. There isn’t any specific trick for attempting English language section. The only trick is that one should develop a habit of reading,  one should regularly read newspaper and improve vocabulary.  Apart from this it’s more about strategy. Some of the tips related to this section are:

  • Try to attempt the easy part first like fill in the blanks, sentence improvement, para-jumbles etc. Attempt the Comprehension in the end as it may be a little time consuming.
  • Make sure your grammar knowledge is good and don’t just make random decisions while doing the exam regarding spotting the error section. For this, try to attempt as many quizzes as possible and then improve and learn from it.

Reasoning Ability- There are some of the topics which carries a lot of marks like: Inequality (5 questions), Puzzles (5 questions), Seating arrangements (10 questions), Alpha-numeric series (5 questions), Syllogism (5 questions), Coding decoding (5 questions), Blood relation (2-4 questions), Direction sense (2-4 questions), Miscellaneous (5-10 questions) etc. The scoring and easy part in this section is Blood relations, direction sense,  syllogism, alpha-numeric series, etc. so, try to begin with these topics. They are easy and less time consuming. Then move on to Puzzles and Seating arrangements topic. Some other tips related to this section are as given:

  • Make sure you practice enough Puzzles and Seating arrangements questions so that your speed and accuracy is on point.
  • Prelims is easier as compared to mains exam and here the one who is fast and accurate will definitely be successful.
  • Try to give as many sectionals as well as full length mocks as possible.
  • The topics are easy and limited so they can be easily covered and during the final week make it a point to give at least 4-5 mocks daily apart from sectional tests.
  • Time management is another factor here, try to speed up on the topics you are good at and improve remaining topics.

We hope that the above mentioned strategy will be beneficial for you. For more interesting and informative articles, stay tuned to bankersadda!

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