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GA Topper Series: Why Prepare for General Awareness?

General Awareness play a vital role in banking exams but is the most neglected section by the students. General awareness is not only to just clear the sectional cutoff of the exam but it will help you in the long run. While you will be working, general awareness knowledge will help you to deal with the job, secondly, there are many certifications – JAIIB and CAIIB where your present preparation will help. 

In the present trends of the exam, there are questions from the static portion related to current affairs. Secondly, the question pattern changed from one-liner questions to in-depth questions.

How to deal with general awareness?

The General Awareness section can be divided into two parts

  • Static awareness
  • Current affairs

Static awareness will help you to understand many parts of current affairs. Secondly, it will help in your interviews also. Thirdly static awareness must be correlated with current affairs.

Eg. In the latest RBI assistant exam, there was a question like which was the oldest insurance company. The rationale behind this question was that LIC IPO was released in recent months, when you read a static portion of LIC you will get this information.

Thus students need to study the static portion related to current affairs.

Current Affairs need to be studied daily. So that when you study for the mains exam you could learn the facts with more efficiency.

Short notes should be prepared on daily basis. For this, you can read the fact sheet article. That will give you a fair idea of how to make short notes for yourself.

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