General Awareness Quiz for ECGC PO & Bank Mains Exams 2021- 16th January

Q1. With which state of India is the Cheraw Dance associated?

Q2. With which of the following states can the Gambhira dance be associated?
(b)Uttar Pradesh
(d)West Bengal

Q3. Mohiniattam Dance is associated with which of the following Indian states?
(a)Andhra Pradesh
(c)Tamil Nadu
(d)Himachal Pradesh

Q4. The dance Kathakali is associated with the State of_______.
(a)Andhra Pradesh
(c)Tamil Nadu
(e)Uttar Pradesh

Q5 With which of the following states of India is the Giddha dance associated __________.
(c)Uttar Pradesh
(d)Madhya Pradesh
(e)None of these

Q6. Name the popular folk dance of Puducherry?
(e)None of These

Q7. The Wancho Dance is a folk dance of which of the following states?
(d)Arunachal Pradesh

Q8. Ghoomar is a folk dance of which state?
(e)Tamil Nadu

Q9. The Folk dance ‘Fugdi’ is related to which state?
(e)None of these

Q10. Which among the following is not the folk dance of Uttar Pradesh?

Q11. Which of the following is a classical dance from North India?

Q12. Sattriya is a classical dance form of ____
(b)Uttar Pradesh
(e)Andhra Pradesh

Q13. Chakri Dance is the most popular folk dance of?
(a)Gujjar community
(b)Bhil tribe
(c)Kanjar tribe
(d)Bheel tribe
(e)Kalbeliya tribe

Q14. The Classical Dance of Andhra Pradesh is____?
(e)None of these

Q15. With which state of India is the Huttari and Suggi Dance associated?


Sol. Cheraw dance is performed in Mizoram state of India.
Sol. Gambhira dance is associated with West Bengal.
Sol. Mohiniattam is classical dances of India that developed and popular in the state of Kerala.
Sol. Kathakali is a stylized classical Indian dance-drama is in Kerala.
Sol. Giddha dance is associated with Punjab.
Garadi is a dance performed in Puducherry.
Sol. Wancho Dance is a dance form of Arunachal Pradesh.
Sol. Ghoomar is a folk dance of Rajasthan.
Sol. Fugdi is a dance of Goa state performed by the women.
Sol. The major folk dances of Uttar Pradesh include – Raslila, Ramlila, Khayal, Nautanki, Naqaal, Swang, Dadra and the Charkula Dance.
Sol. Kathak is a classical dance from North India. Its origin was in Uttar Pradesh.
Sol. Sattriya is a classical dance form of Assam.
Sol. It is the trendiest folk dance of Kanjar tribe inhabited in some parts of Kota and Buran district, Rajasthan.
Sol. Kuchipudi is originated in a village of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.
Sol. Huttari and Suggi Dance associated with Karnataka.

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