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General Awareness Quiz Series 2023: 1st March

General Awareness Quiz Series 2023: 1st March: Hello Students, General Awareness is essential to all government exams. It’s better to prepare this section daily and revise the same using the factsheet provided. The Bankersadda team has brought you up a new series in which we will come up with 10 questions and answers, other options of the question have related news to them. So don’t miss reading the solutions.

Q1. What’s the capital of Denmark?
(a) Copenhagen
(b) Aarhus
(c) Aalborg
(d) Odense
(e) Oslo

Q2. Morarji Ranchhodji Desai was ____ PM of India
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6
(e) 7

Q3. When is National Science Day Celebrated?
(a) 26 Feb
(b) 27 Feb
(c) 28 Feb
(d) 25 Feb
(e) 24 Feb

Q4. Aizawl is the capital of which state?
(a) Meghalya
(b) Nagaland
(c) Manipur
(d) Mizoram
(e) Tripura

Q5. Who’s the CEO of the GSM association?
(a) Didier Lombard
(b) Delphine Ernotte
(c) Ramon Fernandino
(d) Charles Schulz
(e) Stéphane Richard

Q6. Who is the chief of the Indian Navy?
(a) Admiral R. Hari Kumar
(b) Admiral Karambir Singh
(c) Admiral Sunil Lanba
(d) Admiral Robin K. Dhowan
(e) Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi

Q7. What does ‘D’ stand for in UNDP?
(a) Democracy
(b) Development
(c) Devolution
(d) Dynastic
(e) Drama

Q8. Where will G20’s second Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) Meeting be held?
(a) Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Gandhinagar
(d) Bangalore
(e) Hyderabad

Q9. From where Bharat Gaurav Deluxe AC tourist train was flagged off for the “Garvi Gujarat” tour?
(a) New Delhi Railway Station
(b) Delhi Cantt. Railway Station
(c) Agra Cantt. Railway Station
(d) Safdarjung Railway Station
(e) Gurugram Railway Station

Q10. What’s the capital of Lithuania?
(a) Kaunas
(b) Klaipeda
(c) Trakai
(d) Tallinn
(e) Vilnius


S1. Ans.(A)
Sol. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.

S2. Ans.(B)
Sol. Morarji Ranchhodji Desai was an Indian independence activist and politician who served as the 4th Prime Minister of India between 1977 to 1979 leading the government formed by the Janata Party.

S3. Ans.(C)
Sol. National Science Day is celebrated in India on February 28th each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman.

S4. Ans.(D)
Sol. Aizawl is capital of Mizoram.

S5. Ans.(E)
Sol. Stéphane Richard is the CEO of the GSM association. The GSM Association is an industry organization that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide. More than 750 mobile operators are full GSMA members and a further 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem are associate members.

S6. Ans.(A)
Sol. Admiral R. Hari Kumar is the chief of the Indian Navy.

S7. Ans.(B)
Sol. United Nations Development Programme.

S8. Ans.(C)
Sol. G20’s second Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) Meeting is to be held in Gandhinagar from 27-29, March 2023.

S9. Ans.(D)
Sol. Bharat Gaurav Deluxe AC Tourist Train was Flagged off from Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station for the “Garvi Gujarat” tour.

S10. Ans.(E)
Sol. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania.

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How to use this General Awareness Quiz?

When you try to solve the questions in GA, all the options in questions have some current news. Try to recall it. This quiz is for revision purpose.

What is called general awareness?

Definition: General awareness means knowledge about the present happenings. General awareness only focuses on the routine happenings of the news around the world it has nothing to do with the historic events. Current affairs is the term which is used in place general awareness for many competitive exams.

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