General Awareness Tips for LIC AAO Mains Exam

Dear Aspirants,

LIC AAO 2019 Mains General Knowledge and Current Affairs play an important role in selection. This section consists of 30 questions carrying 60 marks. 60 marks in this section are huge when the cutoffs of today’s exams are skyrocketing. 

After close observation, one may notice that the section of Current Affairs & General Awareness is the most rewarding section, and any candidate can score maximum in this section and better his/her chances to pass the examination. The questions asked in this section are direct, and if an aspirant knows the answer, it becomes easy to attempt maximum questions in no time at all.

In this article, we share how to prepare this section. We know the banking/ Insurance exam includes the current affairs of at least 6 months. To learn this much of data is not a cake walk. Many aspirants think they will prepare current affairs after clearing the prelims exam within 15 days, but that is not advisable and impracticable. So it is important for aspirants to evaluate these sections smartly and devote proper time for preparation. 
This article gives an analysis of every portion that was in General Awareness. It is prepared from the analysis of previous year question and pattern. If you prepare according to the data provided you may score well.
The majority of questions are asked in general awareness from current affairs and Static Gk covers only (3-4) questions.

Important points to prepare

1. Headquarters– 
Learn Headquarters of organisation which are covered in news. (1-2 questions) 
  1. World Economic forum     
  2. Asian Development Bank(ADB)
  3. SCO   

2. Venue of Summits-

All Recent Summits and what are the agendas they focus generally.  (1-2 questions) 
  1. (BRICS) 
  2. G-20 (2019)
  3. G-20 (2022)
3. Full Forms of Important Terms
 Full form of important Schemes by Government, Financial schemes up to (3-4 questions)
  1. FATF                       
  2. YONO                    
  3. SHREYAS                 
  4. ARC                      
4. Ranking and which organisation publishes it
Ranking of India in various indices- (1-2 )questions

  1. World Nutrition Report 
  2. Human Development Index
  3. Global Nutrition Report
5. RBI, LIC, SEBI, IRDAI, ALL Banks in News– 
LIC in News, New policies made by RBI, IRDAI, SEBI, Government Departments.
6.  Appointments- 

Appointments of supreme court judges, New Ministers and their Portfolios, Appointment of CEO of banks and other institutions, ambassador of important countries.

7. Winner of awards and venues where they held– 
Generally (2-3 questions) were asked
  1. Padma Awards
  2. Gallantary Award
  3. Nobel Prize

8. Military Exercise, Venue and  the Weapons used.

9. Satellites Launched by-

ISRO, NASA and other Agencies.

10. Sports and Winners- always one questions was asked from Sports.
Static portion is very large but in banking/ Insurance exam we have to cover only some topics –
  • Days and theme- Important day, date, significance, theme.
  • Authors-Author of new books, famous books 
  • Famous Places- UNESCO world Heritage site.  
  • National Parks which are in the news.
  • Dance Forms- dance forms only in news

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