GK Bag For IBPS Clerk Mains Examination

Having enough of knowledge of Current Affairs as well as the banking industry is all that is important to perform well in General Awareness Section of any banking exam. You should know what is happening around the globe. So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to answer the questions asked in the GA section of IBPS Clerk Mains Examination smoothly and easily.

We have seen in the exam of BOB PO that questions based on the dimension of the notes were asked as demonetization was in news at that time. Similarly, questions on Static Awareness too will be related to countries, events or anything that has been in news for a while. For example, there was a news about US and Israel withdrawing from UNESCO. So, the questions asked can be related to the currency, capital, presidents or other important information related to the two countries. For example, there can be a question on Central Bank of US (Federal Reserve). 
All the Important current affairs on daily basis are covered by us on our adda247 app/currentaffairs.adda247.com website.  So, you need not rush up for materials in the last few days before the examination, as it helps you prepare the current affairs section on a daily basis. We also provide you the GK Power Capsule with the compiled and a well-arranged section covering all the sections of GA like Current affairs, Banking awareness, Static Takeaways, Insurance Takeaways etc. The monthly magazine provided by us can also act as an important tool in one’s preparation of GA section. 

Here is the link to the important GK Study Material the upcoming IBPS Clerk Mains Examination:

Self-assessment describes the process by which each aspirant evaluates his/her own progress or performance. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well. As the online assessment gives you an All India Rank, you can evaluate where you actually stand among the thousands of students who are preparing for the same examination. If you want to improve your rank, by online tests, you will get to know how much more you need to work on it. After you have analyzed your strengths and weaknesses, try to make a good use of your strengths and start working on the topics you are weak at. Practicing with test series actually plays a very important role in your preparations. It can be your breakaway strategy and your true path to your very own authentic success or the lack thereof. So, here is the Test Series based on Monthly GK Capsule especially prepared for you to tackle the General/ Financial/ Banking Awareness Section of IBPS Clerk Mains Examination.