Happiness Lies In The Joy Of Achievement And The Thrill Of Creative Effort – Khavya Shreya

Happiness Lies In The Joy Of Achievement And The Thrill Of Creative Effort - Khavya Shreya

Brief introduction: 
I am Khavya.G from Tamilnadu. I started my preparation exactly in June 2016 but initially, I didn’t know where should I start from or what are all the sources I need to refer to, etc. But I was determined that I have to clear this exam without joining a coaching center and I knew that I could. So, I started doing self-studies. In IBPS Clerk, I got allotted to the Central Bank of India.
The very first thing about any competitive exam is that you need to believe yourself that one day or the other, you will clear this exam, no matter what circumstances you get to face while preparing for it.
Second thing is that, if there are 300 vacancies, there are going to be 300 different strategies and 300 different pathways. The strategy that I am providing here did wonders for me. As I don’t know about your strengths and weaknesses, I advise you to alter this according to you.
Third thing is that you can give your best in the exams but you need to realize that you have no control over the results you going to get. Human mind functions in a way like, when we give an exam today, we usually expect the result the very next week. But if you come under this category, you need to change yourself.
I believe in “Give your best shot but don’t expect the same from the results.” 


Prelims exam is based on your right choices of questions, speed, and accuracy.
All the candidates can solve all the 100 questions but that is not the case with prelims. Here, you need to pick up those questions which could be solved in minimum time with accuracy.
1)      Clear Your basics from Adda247 Youtube videos of SBI PO Preparations.
2)      Go for NCERT Books from class (6 – 12)  and pick up those topics which are important for bank exams.
3)      Solve basic level question from online portals like bankersadda.com or the books you prefer for Quants.
4)      Once you are able to solve basic questions efficiently, move to the complex ones.
5)      Learn cubes, squares and percentage tables calculations.
6)    Use Bankersadda website and Mobile App to solve quizzes.
1)      Watch youtube videos of Adda247. When you have a doubt in a particular topic, search that on Youtube and clear your basics about the same.
2)      I just followed the online websites to solve questions from a particular topic.
1)      Enhance your vocabulary.
2)      Read Editorials and note down the meanings of difficult words.
3)      Quizzes from online portals, etc.
4)      Improve your comprehension skills.


Mains itself a special game where it tests your basics understanding of concepts and your ability to perform well under huge stress.
1)      Try to minimize your calculations. Try to do half the solution in your mind because here, in mains, you face extreme calculation problems.
1)      Puzzles will play a major role here. So increase your speed in solving puzzles.
2)      Purchase a test series and do the questions given there. This will serve the purpose.
1)      I do only the quizzes from online portals and practice test series questions.
If you prepare well for prelims you don’t need to worry a lot about mains because just difficulty level of questions rises in mains. If you are strong in basics, you can come out with flying colors in mains exams.
1)      I didn’t buy any book for this section. I did all the quizzes on Adda247 Mobile App.
1)      Banking Awareness –Do read Bankersadda Capsule + Frequently Asked Question section of RBI.
2)      Current affairs: Read news from different websites daily. If you need, you can make your own notes of current events or else, you can download weekly and monthly capsules from the aforesaid websites.
3)      Static: While reading current events, go through all the static part of it. For Instance, If you come across a news of some report published by world bank then learn about Headquarters of World Bank, Head/ Chairperson etc. 
4)      Static: Concentrate on Dams, National Parks, Days of a Month, Capital and Currencies, International Organizations and their headquarters etc.
1)      In the last 1 week, practice typing in your laptop or PC within the time limit allotted to this part.
2)      At least, you should have practiced 5 letters and 5 essays by the time of examination. You can choose the topics from Bankersadda etc.
3)      Just increase your typing speed, that’s it.
1)      Follow Interview Capsules and Experiences of different candidates.
2)      When you come across a question, just think of the answer you will give when you are asked that question. Then evaluate your answer with the correct one and improve.
1)      Practice is very important for competitive examinations. Go for Adda247 Test Series.