How did I deal with COVID-19 Lockdown Stress- My Pandemic Story

Hey aspirants!

How is your day going?  I guess the answer will be – no different from the day before. Who knew the year we thought all our dreams will come true, when the tag of being an ‘Xyz exam aspirant’ will be stripped off, will be crushed to the ground like that, due to a low life pandemic.

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Tough time guys, it really is? Some days suck, some days suck even more. I have been in the same shoes for some time now. And, If you are unemployed like me, it is getting tough to meet expenses, not stressing out and keeping the happy face. But whatever happens, we can’t give up, I won’t and will not want anyone else to.

Even though, it’s been a miserable year, it has been teaching me a lot and making me think a lot. I realized, I am someone who is not really good at embracing change. I chicken out at the face of hardships and maybe that is what holding me back. It’s been a year where I lost relative (not my absolute favorite one),  but made me realize how fragile life is and how lucky I am to have people who love me more in my hard times.

The lockdown has been hard. Many people lost jobs and almost every one suffered pay cuts and losses. even with lesser pay, I was happy that it happened . My father who has been working constantly for all these years got some rest. My relatives got some family time to mourn the dead in peace. I got to have evening tea with my parents every day of the lockdown, played Ludo with them till the time it got really boring, cooked for them (and cherished when it actually turned out decent), connected with old friends (who I lost touch with because I was not having the time of my life.)

Looking at the current situation, it made me think that I can’t just wait for the opportunities to come to me. They are less and are getting lesser each day. And, I am being too rigid in life, by having just an exam as a goal. I knew I have to be much more than this. That’s when I decided to make myself useful, I decided to use my amazing, wandering mind to do write ups and use my experience in competitive exams by volunteering to teach, preparing questions for study groups etc. I also started learning something new like learning python (for free).

No, I am not quitting my preparation. I just have given it a pause, and  all the things that I have kept in standby to give a chance. To explore myself a bit more, read something other than the exam study material and  open up my  mind to possibilities. I might fail , like I have many times before but the best thing I like about me, is that, I can be miserable in one moment and find hope in the very next. My favorite quote from shawshank redemption : Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. (if you haven’t watched it, you should).

I know I am not even the worst affected people from Covid. People have problems far worse and serious. I am glad I am not them. I am lucky to have had food, home and a blessed family around me. I wish for all people to heal, to get through their problems as early as possible and hope, I could help people in whatever way I can. But as an unemployed govt exam aspirant, I also have to keep my sanity, start my preparation again cover some ground each day, focus on what’s stopping me for not being where I want to be, keep getting better with each day and be hopeful, that whenever the exams commence, I am definitely getting the job I want.

If you are someone like me and share anything similar to me, hold on to the good things in life. It’s just a phase, it will pass. And, we will see light at the end of this dark, Covid hounded tunnel soon.

Signing off with Lots of Hope and positivity!

Charu Upadhyay  

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