How to choose a career path?

Many of the students are confused while choosing their career and they have no idea from where should they begin. As the whole world is isolated and waiting for the lockdown to end, however, it seems it will stretch a bit especially for students due to the effect of COVID-19. Therefore, students who are worried about their career and want to know what exactly they are good at should make use of this quarantine and find a career path for themselves. As choosing the right career is not a single day task, you have to begin from the very beginning of your graduation period. 

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This article might be helpful to guide you about how to choose your career path and what key points are important for the same. 

  • What does success mean to you?

To answer this question parents, society, friends, and relatives play a crucial role as they define success as per their experiences. High pay-scale, lavish lifestyle, trips to foreign countries, beautiful wife, etc. are dreams of every second student. However, for others happiness lies in the work they do, the satisfaction they get after every job shift. It totally depends on what you think and what you want. Once you get to know the answer you will be ready to choose which career is suitable for you and your needs according to your future perspective. 

  • Self-reflection to your career goals?

Just like you look in a mirror and get your real reflection, you must also take a reflection test by asking yourself what actually you want from your career, which activities you can do with interest throughout your life, what are your strengths and what are you weak at? Once you get answers to these questions, you will surely be able to research which career will take you to your goals. 

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  • Choose a career that makes you happy:

Instead of focusing to earn survival needs, you must also focus on what lifestyle will make you happy. Every time it’s not about only money, comfortability, or essential needs. How happily you spend each day in a single job also matters. If you know you are not a person to sit at one place for continuous 9 hours but you choose the path just because you are getting a handsome amount of money will never give you happiness. Instead, choose what you are suitable for and what you want. Money is in every job, but happiness is only there where your emotional and mental levels are at the same balance. So think about what you can do daily without any stress or pressure. 

  • Futuristic plans: 

Ask yourself a simple question: If you enter a certain career what you would be expecting after 5 years and would you get that in this job? If your answer is yes then you are on the right path of choosing a career for you and if the answer is no, you need to research more. This question is quite important as, without appreciation, love, and respect, no human being can succeed in their career. 

You must sit and visualize your thoughts from your coming life and then you will surely get to know what actual career you are looking for. Once you are fixed to the career, you can begin with the preparation for the same as to get finger-licking success you need to work hard for years. 

Government jobs over private jobs

As most of the students these days are looking for government jobs instead of private jobs due to the instability/insecurity, least job satisfaction, over workload, lots of stress in the private companies. Though getting a seat in the government is not that easy these days due to increased competition and limited job opportunities. Various government sectors are going to offer jobs this year including Bank PO, bank clerks, office assistants, railways, UPSC, SSC CGL, and many more. Choose your field as per your interest and potential and start preparing for the exam.   

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How to prepare yourself for a government job?

For every government job, an exam is conducted which you have to clear to get selected for the post. You can choose the job title as per your potential and start preparing for the same. Few points would definitely help you to begin with the preparations:

  1. Collect the updated version of the syllabus for the exam and go through it. Proceed only if you know you can do it. 
  2. Learning from selected resource books and materials is sufficient instead of collecting useless books.
  3. Practicing previous year question papers and mock tests will help you to learn about the exam pattern and will help you to improve the speed of attempting questions. 
  4. Do evaluate yourself from time to time so that you can get know about your weak points and you can work hard on them. 
  5. Focusing on one aim and giving your best for the same will surely take you to success. 

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