15 Ways To Know If You Are Preparing For An Exam The Right Way

Dear Students, with a great number of vacancies released by IBPS and other banking organizations, the banking sector has given the aspirants a great number of opportunities to make a headway in their career with. Now, most of you would be wondering if what could be the best way to grab these opportunities without letting them slip through your fingers. Students, apart from focussing on what should be the best approach towards acing these competitive examinations, one should also focus on how she has to avoid erring during her preparation phase.

Many of you knowingly or most of the times unknowingly make mistakes that cost you an opportunity to bag a government job even after breaking your back for the same. In this article, we will be discussing how you can analyze if you are preparing for a competitive examination the right way and avoid making silly mistakes (if you are making any). So, to help you play your cards right, here is the list of the things that you should take care of while buckling down for the banking exam you are preparing for. 

1. If you read or everyday news or avoid doing it believing you will do it all together in the end… 
Read the news on a daily basis so that you do not end up lying under a pile of news of past 4-6 months a few days before the examination. This not only stresses you out but also makes you lose your grips over most of the news that could be asked in the exams.
2. If you take speed tests on a regular basis…
Giving speed tests on a regular basis helps you attempt questions in the real exam in a minimum time with maximum accuracy. You also come across various strengths of yours that you may later make use of while attempting the real examination.
3. If you avoid or revise the topics that you think you are already good at…
You should always try to make the best out of your strengths while attempting an examination and that can only be possible when you practice hard. Ignoring the strengths in overconfidence will only make you forget the basics and lessen the chances of you attempting them as efficiently as you could, had you practiced them well.
4. If you know what to start your preparation with…
Many times, students are confused regarding the topic they should start off their preparations with. You should always start with the topics you are already good at because that gives you confidence and motivates you to move further with a positive attitude.
5. If you know the right strategy to prepare for the exam…
Students very often ask different successful candidates about their strategies and try to follow the same that only makes it more chaotic for them to figure out what strategy to follow exactly. So, try to make your own strategy as per your convenience and following that one strategy throughout your preparation will definitely help you come off with flying colors.
6. If there is a consistency in your preparations…
All of you are bright eyed and bushy tailed when you set about preparing for an exam and the enthusiasm fades off as the time goes by. At a time you are so passionate that you travail all day and night, and the other time, you do not study at all for days. This only makes you forget what you studied during the times when you were the most active and you will be back to square one when you decide to start it over. So, try to keep your preparations consistent throughout so as to maintain the positive flow of studies.
7. If you prefer the right study material or simply collect and pile up a heap of useless study material…
There are students who have a habit of collecting study materials from different sources. This only stresses them out and leaves them confused between choosing from the study materials they have collected so far. Try collecting only the study material that is useful and up-to-date as per the new pattern of examination.
8. The amount of time you spend surfing through social media…
Students often tend to surf through social media all day long wasting a lot of their precious time that they could have contributed to their studies. So, be wary of spending much of your precious time on social media and put it to some positive use (like following Adda247 pages on different social media platforms).
9. In a quandary, if to go for Banking Exams or SSC…
Fix a target if you have to prepare for banking exams or SSC. The reason being, they both have different patterns and syllabus for their examinations. When SSC exams are near, you run to prepare for SSC and when it’s over, you switch back to your preparations for banking exams, and that way, you only lose the track of your to-the-point preparations. Settle on a single exam, and prepare for it until you sail through it.
10. If you directly apply the tricks or have the basics of the topic all grasped…
Try not to follow the tricks to solve various questions until you have a good knowledge of their basics. You might be able to solve that question at that very time but may lose to attempt it in the real examination if asked in a more twisted manner than the one you practiced with. 
11. If you prepare for the mains examination along with continuing your preparations for the prelims exam…
If you do not prepare for mains examination from the very beginning, you will not be able to finish all of your preparations within the limited period of time that you get after qualifying for the mains examination. So, when you begin, focus on the preparations for mains examination as well.
12. If you get quality sleep…
A quality sleep improves memory recall and the ability to concentrate. If you wouldn’t sleep properly, you likely won’t remember much of what you studied anyway. So, to make the best use of your knowledge, try getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day.
13. If you revise the topics on a regular basis…
From time to time, keep revising the topics that you need to be tremendous at. Sort the important topics into a checklist and settle on how each and every point is to be revised before appearing for the real examination. This makes sure that during the examination, you are not like, “Gee! I was so good at this topic. I could have done better had I revised it well.”
14. If you analyze your speed tests…
Giving the speed tests is not enough, you also need to analyze your performance and work on the points where you lag. If you’re not equipped with the necessary exam-taking skills, you won’t certainly get the grades you’re hoping for.
15. If you wait for notifications to start off your preparations…
If you do not start off your preparations this instant, you will be running short of time to work on your weaknesses after the release of the notification, because that will be the point when most of the time is to be given to practice and the rest is to be dedicated to revision.

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