How To score 40 marks In The Reasoning Section? IBPS RRB PO Clerk 2020 Exam

Read this article to know "How To score 40 marks in the Reasoning Section of IBPS RRB PO Clerk 2020 Exam.

IBPS RRB 2020– The time left for the IBPS RRB 2020 exam is limited and we hope that your preparation must be going well. In this space we will be discussing about the Reasoning section and how one can score 40 marks in this. This is your opportunity when you can make the maximum out of this given time period. Make sure you practiced well for this exam. These tips are the techniques which will help you to ace this section with ease. These tips will be helpful for beginners as well as repeaters. Let’s take a look at the tips and tricks of this section. 

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How To Score Maximum Marks In Reasoning Ability In IBPS RRB 2020 Prelims:

Given below are the topics that will be asked in the IBPS RRB Reasoning section

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Puzzles and Seating Arrangement

one can expect 2-3 sets of puzzles and seating arrangements i.e. 10-15 questions. It can be of different type, for example, linear arrangement, circular arrangement, floors, building, square, rectangular arrangement, etc.

Tips On How to solve puzzles:

  • First of all there is no trick for solving puzzles. This topic can only be excelled by practice.
  • First of all, take a quick look at the question and develop a general idea regarding the theme of the problem.
  • Select the data that is giving you some concrete information out of the total information given. Also, note the data that is useful in ruling out certain possibilities.
  • Arrange all the data in a tabular format. There will always be some conditions in the questions, so make sure to keep a note of them and arrange the data accordingly in different tables. Because with conditions, there comes different possibilities, so it becomes important while solving the question.
  • When arranged in tabular format according to the question, reject the table which violates the information given in the puzzle.
  •        By following this process, you will reach at the correct answer. And remember, puzzles can be tricky, so try to practice as many puzzles as possible and improve accuracy and speed.
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This is a very easy topic, scoring and less time consuming. You will be given a statement, or direct inequalities. You don’t even need to raise your pen to solve them.

Tips To Solve Inequalities

  • Just read the question with concentration and focus, just the knowledge of signs (>,<) is enough for this topic.
  • Example – Which of the following expression will be true if the expression P>Q=R<S is definitely true? a) P > R b) P = R c) P > S d) Q > S. Answer: a) P > R.


This topic forms and integral part of reasoning. In this you will be given 2-3 statements followed by 2-3 conclusions. Based on the statement you have to answer the questions. It can be solved analytically and through Venn diagrams also.

Example, Statement A. All cats are dogs. B. All dogs are birds.

Conclusion.  All cats are birds.

Answer : The conclusion follows or is true.

Alpha-numeric series

It is a combination of alphabets and numbers, sign and symbols, punctuation marks, etc. It includes everything from upper case to lower case. It is a very easy and scoring topic, only a few points or key words need to be taken care of like, “ following, followed by, preceding, preceded by”.

Example, 1 @ Q & d 6 % Z > c 7 ? 3 A # B 9 r S + P 4

Here 1 is preceding @ and @ is preceded by 1, also @ is following 1 and  1 is followed by @.

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Direction sense

In this topic a few statements or paragraph will be given, like, A is standing 2km east of B, who is standing 3Km north of D, etc.. and you’ll be asked questions on the basis of that, like, direction of A with respect to C, distance between A and C, etc. Just read the question once quickly and then start going as per the question, simple. It isn’t a very complicated topic and for prelims straightforward questions are given.

Blood Relations

In this topic also either a few statement or small paragraph will be given, stating relations between people. Example, A is the only daughter of C, who is the wife of B. B is the only son of  D and E, who is a female. Questions would be to determine relation between A and D, or E and C, etc.  It is a very easy and scoring topic. Just note down the details first, there will be links in between connecting each line. You just have to watch for that link and the question will get solved easily.

Data Sufficiency

These questions will be a little similar to puzzles but are easier to solve. In this you will be given data regarding, height, rank, position, weight, speed, etc. Example, there are 4 people with different weights- A is heavier than B but lighter than C, who is not the heaviest, D is heavier than C.

Questions can be asked like who is the lightest, second heaviest, etc.

Tips to Solve Data Sufficiency

  • Here in these types of questions try to make tabular format of all the possibilities.
  • Read the question and note down the data and then arrange the data according to the information.
  • There may be multiple possibilities so make sure you go through the question carefully and take a note of every given information.

Input Output

An arrangement of numbers, words, combination of words and numbers or symbols will be given followed by some steps. Those steps will follow some unique pattern, i.e. Input will be given followed by some outputs.

Tips To Solve Input and Output Question

  • To solve these questions, firstly you need to be a good observer.
  • Identify the pattern in the given steps. Pattern could be like, arrangement in decreasing or increasing order, etc.
  • Have a quick glance at every step to know how this step is being carried out.
  • Rearrange the given input step by step or if required move from final step to the input.

These are some of the important topics for IBPS PO reasoning part, and one should begin with the easy topic first like, inequality, alpha-numeric series, syllogism, blood relation, directions sense, etc. these topics should be attempted first because they are the easiest and comprise of around 15-20 questions. After that you should attempt the Input output and puzzles questions because they may be tricky and take time.

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