IBPS PO 2019 Interview Tips: How to answer “Tell me about yourself?

IBPS PO Interview Round 2019: IBPS has released IBPS PO Mains Result and is all set to conduct IBPS PO Interview shortly. It’s a high time for all the aspirants who have made through the IBPS PO Mains Exam to tie their laces so as they don’t have to face difficulties in this round. One of the most popular question that is being thrown to an aspirant is about introducing themself. Let’s dig deep inside to what we are upto in this article.

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IBPS conducted IBPS PO Mains Exam on 30 November 2019 and now it is about to conduct the interview round. The dates for the interview will be released shortly. The interview phase has a wide area and so demands a different approach. In an interview, your personality is tested, unlike the prelims and mains stage where the knowledge is tested.

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The question that may hit one’s mind who is preparing for the personal interview round of IBPS PO recruitment processes is, “How to score maximum marks in IBPS PO Interview to make it to the final selection?” So, students, Adda247 is providing you the best tips on how to crack IBPS PO Interviews 2019. Today, we will be discussing the most recurrent question in the history of interviews, i.e. “Tell us something about yourself”. Introducing yourself is not a hard task but when a systematic introduction is needed, you need to prepare yourself accordingly.

How to introduce yourself in IBPS PO Interview?

Tell us something about yourself questions is the way of asking for the introduction of a candidate. Basically, there are three level of introduction is being asked ranging from personal (totally about you and your profession); family and the last being your strength and weakness. The heirarchy for the introduction is as follows:

  1. Personal Level (Your name+place+education+profession)
  2. Family
  3. Hobbies and strength/ weakness

I. Personal Level 

This is the entry point of your introduction and generally, interviewers don’t go further after this level. This level demands a point to state your name first. With name, you should also know the meaning of your name. Followed by the place you belong to. This entry level introduction will also have your academics/educational qualification followed by the your professional experience (if any). If you don’t have a professional or working experience, you should explain the reason of your gap year timing.

So, if we see it in accordance with the sequence in which you have to answer the question, it will fall like:

Name->Place->academics/educational qualification->professional or working experience/gap time.

II. Family

After the entry level, sometimes they ask you further on the matter of your family or your siblings. They can ask you about your overall family or a particular person like your Mother, Father, Sister and Brother. Also, they can ask you about how many members are there in your family, etc. So, keep yourself abreast of every such information to answer the questions appropriately.

III. Further Introduction

If you are asked to introduce yourself a little more, you should extend it by highlight your key strengths that go along with the responsibility of the job role you are applying for. Also, share your weakness that do not impact your career as a banker. This should be followed by your hobbies. Mention extracurricular actitivities you have been a part of during your academics. You should have strong defending answers if cross-questioning is done. 

You can also choose to make an overall representative introduction by indulging them together at a single place. The sequence of the same will be Name->Place->academics/educational qualification->professional or working experience/gap time->family->strength and weakness->hobbies

Be positive and confident while answering the interviewers’ questions. We hope these tips help you perform to the best of your ability in the Personal Interview round of IBPS PO Examination 2019.

All the best!!

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