IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Noida) – 45

Hello friends !! Today I would like to share my interview experience wid u all.
DATE – 05/02/17
TIME – 8:30 AM

I was a little bit late so reached the venue at 8:35. On the entry gate itself I found a big line comprising  25-30 candidates. After making entry I went to the conference hall where biometric verification had already started. I didn’t have to wait for long & my turn came and biometric verification went smoothly at 8:55. From there I was sent to the hostel building for document verification.
 2 members were verifying the docs. This was my 3 rd interview and 2nd PO interview at this centre and he was the same sir who had checked my docs in the previous 2 intrvw . I recognized him although he didn’t. They were asking simple ques to the candidates just to increase their morale. He asked me what did I do till now as I was a 2012 pass out. I answered his ques . he told me to be cautious as the intrvwr might put up a ques. I thanked him. So the document verification also went smoothly, ended at 9:35. 
My turn came around at 9.45 AM. I was 4th in the list. The co-ordinators told me to keep the doc file n phone in the bag n not to carry them in the intrvw room. Now i guessed that definitely there are gonna watch my steps from entry til exit. The bell rang. Here’s how it all went.
Me- peeping through the door, may I come in sir ?
All panel members to me ….yes plz come in
Me- Good morn mam, good morn sir 
M1- plz take ur seat
Me- thank u sir
M1- calling my name where r u from?
Me- sir I am from Lko
M1- what does ur father do?
Me- Sir he is a farmer.
M1- kitni zameen hai ?
Me- sorry sir i don’t know(mujhe nhi pata tha). Sir mai lko m tau tai ji k saath rehta hu. My parents live in village.
M1- agar batwara hoga to hissa kaise loge? Lko m to aksar aisa hota rehta hai
Me- Sir, Ours is a united family.
M2- which year did u pass out engg?
Me- sir 2012 (in my mind I was expecting the counter attack but to my surprise he didn’t ask me any ques)
M1- RBI k functions kya -2 hain?
Me- sir it is the issuer of currency.
M1 interrupting – does it issue all currencies 
Me- no sir, it issues all currencies except Re1 note and coins. These are issued by goi
Me- Banker to banks, banker to govt, regulator of foreign exchange, regulator of monetary policy
M1- forex reserve kitn tha abhi recently?
Me- sir if i could recall i think it was 368 billion $
M1- 368 $?(i think he didn’t hear my ans clearly)
Me- sir its 368 billion $. 
M1- ek word hota hai bank rate? What does it mean?
Me- sir it is the std rate at which rbi is ready to buy n rediscount bills of exchange or other commercial papers     
M1- bills of exchange ? and buy from whom?
Me- bills of exchange or other commercial papers, buy from commercial banks
M1- what is OMO?
Me- sir it stands for open market operations. It is the buying and selling of securities in the open market.
M1-what is MSS?
Me- sir it stands for Market stabilization scheme. Couldn’t explain it.
M1- what is repo rate?
Me- sir it is the rate at which rbi lends money to commercial banks.
M1- what are the instruments for monetary policy?
Me- Bank rate , repo rate , reverse repo rate, slr, crr.
M1- abhi kuch institutions ko payments bank ka license mila. Koi 2 naam btaiye?
Me- India post payments bank n Airtel Payments bank
M3- what is international banking?
Me- banking activities among the foreign countries. Told about SWIFT. (M3- what is foreign exchange.
Me- started  telling about forex, M3 interrupting .. no no wat is foreign exchange… fumbled n told ki good n services k badle jo currency foreign country se milti h … again he didn’t look satisfied
M4- ap lko se hain, akhilesh ko jante hain?
Me- yes sir, CM UP.
M4-achha unke 2 chacha hain, unka naam btaiye?
Me-shivpal yadav, (dusra naam mujhe mulayam yaad aya… thanks to God mere muh se kuch nikla nahi.
M4- other one?
Me- sorry sir, I can’t recall it rightnow.
M4- kyu … ye to recently news me tha… kaun si 2 party k bich gathbandhan ho rha?
Me- SP n congress
M4- kitni seats dene ki baat kahi gyi
M4 and M1 together- congress ko kitna?
Me- i think 115
F1- what is monetary policy
Me- it is the process through which rbi controls money supply?
F1- kaise karta hai?
Me-inflation ko control krta hai by increasing n decreasing the repo rate, reverse repo etc. Then i told ki in reverse repo money supply is decreased to suck liquidity.(i think she wanted some more info)
F1 and M1 together – Ok beta … u can go now.
Me- Thank u sir(pressure me madam ko thanku bolna bhool gya).
That’s all friends…. my best wishes to those who have intrvws in the upcoming days. I wish ki sabka selection ho jata ( although its not possible), bcoz is stage tak akar out hona …. i know how it feels. This was my 4th interview n 3rd for PO. I can feel the pain when one gets knocked out at this stage. I leave my result on Almighty. Thank u friends for reading. Hope u all shall find it useful n worth reading.
May God bless u all …….. Gud luck !!!


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