IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Noida) – 47

Date – 06.02.17
Venue – BOI Staff Training College, Noida.
Time – 1 PM
Panel – II
5 people (M1,M2,M3,M4,F) – M3 leading the panel.

Please May I come in (with a smile)…
Panel – Please come in.

Good afternoon ma’am, good afternoon Sir (looking at all Sirs)

M3 – Mr Arun Raj Lal
Me – Yes Sir.

M3 – Please tell us about yourself.
Me – starts from a birth place (as they already knew my name), schooling from different places…Grad in Maths…dad in SBI.

M3- Where is your dad currently posted.
Me – Sir, he is currently posted in Agra.

M3 – Your dad is in SBI, why didn’t you apply for SBI PO?
Me – No Sir, I was not eligible as I was only 20 years at that time.

M3 – So, Will you apply this year?
Me – (feeling tensed by the question) – Sir, if I get this job then maybe no.

M3 – I repeat the question, suppose if you get this job. Then?
Me – (knowing he wants to hear a yes) Sir, honestly speaking, Yes I will give it a try.

M3 – Why?
Me – (straightforward this time) – Sir, it has more perks…umm…and more salary ( i literally said that…LOL)

M3 – okay, tell me What is a bank?
Me – told bank- financial institution, take deposits, give loans etc.

M3 – Okay, are there any other institutions that work like banks?
Me – Yes sir, there are non-banking financial institutions who are not exactly banks but work like it. (he wasn’t satisfied by my answer)

M3 – Suppose I am a farmer and I have a 5-acre land, I come to you to ask for a loan, will you give me?
Me – (confused), Sir, I am not really sure, there might be some criteria or maybe institutions like NABARD for that, but yes Sir, commercial banks do give loans to farmers.

M3 – What’s the full form of NABARD?
Me- started saying incorrectly, but then asked for a while to think, they said yes please take your time. Then I said the correct full form.

M3 – What is the function of NABARD?
Me –  credit to the agriculture sector and cottage industries and help in rural development.

All this while M3 asked….now it was turn of F.

F – What are the challenges in the banking sector?
Me – Ma’am the biggest challenge is increasing NPA.

F – How much?
Me – Don’t know the exact monetary value but somewhere around 12%.

F – Ways to tackle?
Me –  Rs10,000cr recapitalization announced in the budget, we have SARFAESI Act, then new laws about to come as announced in the budget.

F – Good.

Again M3 – Why did you choose Maths for graduation?
Me – (giving a stupid answer) – Sir I was not interested in Physics and Chemistry, they had a lot of practicals which didn’t interest me, so Maths. But Sir eventually, we also had practicals in Maths so I had to do some practicals.
M3 – (not at all impressed, I could sense that I really gave a stupid answer – also got scolded by dad when I told him this after interview)

M1 – Tell us something about your hometown?
Me – told.

M2 – Do you know Nobel Prize winner in Physics?
Me – Sorry sir, I don’t know.

M2 – You have done graduation in maths, tell us top 3 mathematicians of India.
Me – Told about Aryabhatta, Bramhgupta, S.Ramanujan. 

M2 – Good. That’s it, you may go now. (they did not offer me toffee, which was kept just in front of me)

I am confused as to how my interview went. M4 did not ask anything, just smiling. I gave some stupid reasons, but other answers were okay. Before closing the door, I looked back at the panel, M3 was smiling at me, I smiled back and closed the door behind me.


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