IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Patna) – 41

Hi Everyone,

I am Sharing my interview experience, hope it comes in handy for you.

Venue: Patna
Slot: 1 pm

After entering the venue they called out our names in the order of our turn for the interview and I was supposed to be the 11th person to be interviewed. However, due to repeated failure in biometric verification, my turn got shifted to 4th last candidate. by the time my interview began, it was already 4 pm and now candidates were being interviewed for not more than 7 mins.
so here’s how it went ( like some rapid fire round). The panel consisted of 5 members, 4 male and one female.
The bell rung, and I asked permission to go in and took a seat and exchanged pleasantries with them.

M1: you must have spent a lot on BTech.
me: Quite a lot, yes.

M1: How many IITs are there in India?
me: Over 20 of them

M1: Full form of IIT
me: answered πŸ™‚

M1: How many Engineers pass out every year
me: 5 lakh + toh zarur

M1: payment banks ke liye kitna capital chahiye?
me: answered πŸ™‚

M1: scheduled banks ke liye?
me: answered πŸ™‚

M1: Inflation is what?
me: answered πŸ™‚

M1: Rate of inflation?
me: answered πŸ™‚

M1: what is opposite of inflation?
me: deflation??

M1: okay, but what is recession then?
me: when there is not enough job creation to match the potential human resource.

M1: not really, one reason is when GDP becomes negative. What is the other reason?
me: I don’t know, sir.

M2: Name 3 people who have held the post of RBI Governors.
me: answered πŸ™‚

M3: Name 3 Indian Nobel Laureates
me: answered πŸ™‚

F1: Who regulates Insurance sector?
me: answered πŸ™‚

F1: Banks?
me: answered πŸ™‚

F1: RRB?
me: I gave the wrong answer so she herself answered it.

F1: Full form of NABARD?
me: answered πŸ™‚

M1: What amount has been assigned to agriculture in the budget
me: couldn’t answer correctly

M1: what were the 2 other banks that started operation at around the same time as Bandhan Bank?
me: I don’t remember, sir.

M1: okay, you can go. Thank you
me: Thank you.

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