IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Lucknow) – 20

Shubham Tandon (Discuss id: The_InCrediBlE)
Date: 07/02/2017
Venue: Hotel Grand JBR
Time: 8:30am
Panel: 7

My document and fingerprint matching went smooth. it completed at 9:15 am
My interview started at 10:30 AM

I:May I come in Sir?

M1:Yes,Please come in
I:Thank you sir.

M1: Oh Shubham,What Happened? (As my leg is fractured)
I: Told that I met with an Accident.

They showed concerned n ask me to take my seat and sit comfortably. 

M1: So Shubham, Are you from Lucknow ?
I: Yes sir.

M1: You have your own house here in lucknow n since when you are here in lko?
I:Yes sir its our own house n I’m in Lucknow since Birth.

M1:So Shubham, tell me about your father?
I: Explained by telling his name and  occupation.

As my father is in Bank so he asked about his position and posting

M1:What about your past work experince ?

M1:You have done B.tech From EN branch and I can see your Graduation is not concerend with work either in LIC or in Bank.
I: Try to keep my point.

M1: But if u want to join financial industry why din’t u did B.Sc or normal graduation why B.tech ?
I: Tried to explain it as a professional course personality developement n blah blah stuff ๐Ÿ˜› 

1:Why did you left a govt job n lemme tell you that LIC is a better organization than bank then too why you left it ?
I:Explained my reasons and he  was convinced with it .

M2: Your Parents din’t have any objection u leaving Such a good govt job?
I:Explained him my point n support from my family that I got.

M2:What was the salary you were getting there?

M2: U were getting a good amount and you suddenly quit your job and become depentent on your parents ?
I:No sir, I am not dependent on my Family i still work as a free lancer and make my self a god pocket money.

M2:Ok Tell me what is CIBIL ?
I:Tried to tell but intruppted in btw n asked CRISIL jante ho ? I started answering but was confused by them n fir kichdi ban gyi mere answer ki.

M3:Balance Sheet dekhi hai kabhi ?
I:No Sir,Kabhi nhi dekhi.

M3: Arre newspaper mai aaati rehti hai yaar banks ki.
I:Sir,woh dekhi hai .

M3: Hann to bataiye kya kya hota hai usme ?
I:Sir,2 sides hoti hai asset n liabilities.isse jyada kuch nhi pata sir.

M3:Arre ye to bataiye dono columns mai kya hota hai ?
I:Sorry sir.NHi pata jyada is k baarei mai

M3: Koi baat nhi its ok .

M4:Aacha aap NPA jante hai ?
I:Non performing asset. (Itna bol kr chup ho gya mai )

M4:Haan ji explain kriye kya hota hai.

M4:India mai is time sabse bada defaulter kaun hai ?
I:Told him about Vijay Malya n Subhroto Rai.

F1:U have done B.tech you are working as a free lancer n developing sites to bank mai q aana chaha rhehai aap ?
I:told her my reasons.
M1: Hmm…Good. We are done App jaa Sakte hai ๐Ÿ™‚ Apna dhayan rakhiye n jaldi se theek ho jaiye Tandon ji 
I:Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.

I wished them all a nice day n left the room ๐Ÿ™‚ 

So this was my Interveiw experince which is third in the row other 2 being SBI n BOB.
1 thing which i have observed in this IBPS PO interview n what i am thinking is that it would be a general marking in Interview n your written score will mattter a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
Still Hopefull of being 3rd time lucky n wish all others All d best (Y)
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