My Interview Experience.
Panel -01
Time -8:30 am
UCO bank RO Bhubaneswar

Document verification was done with ease and we were served with tea and biscuits. My serial number was 9 so I thought I will be out of here by 11:00 am which happened eventually. 😀
4 Male 1 Female 
M1 M2 M3 M4 F1

There was a sub-staff who was opening door to interview room. So no chance to knock.
Me- May I come in please?
M1,M2– Yes yes, Please be seated. 
Me- Thank you and Good morning to you all.

M1(Chairman)- So Mr Sushant (Ohh ohh not Sushant, I am Siddharth). M2- He is Siddharth, next guy.
M1- Okay okay. So introduce yourself.
Me- Introduced myself.

M1- Passed out in which year? Which college? Native? Father is doing what?
Me- Answered.

M1- So you have given any other exam? What about RRB?
Me- Yes sir I had appeared.

M2- So what happened? 
Me- I got selected.

M1- Which bank?
Me- Told. 

M1,M2- So you already have a job. And very good bank, you should consider yourself lucky. Why not join it and why do you want to join PSB? Children of these days. They are not satisfied with anything. (Both were talking, I can’t tell who actually said what :D)
M3- Sir Intolerance.
Me- No sir, not intolerance. 😀 (All were laughing)
(Nobody was listening to my reason, all were busy discussing and laughing)

F1- Difference between RRB and PSB.
M3- Who is kiran Mazumdar shaw, why is she famous?
M4- Who is chetan Bhagat? 3 novels written by him? Who wrote the accidental Prime Minister?
M2- What is PSL? PSL scale? What is Agricultural lending cap?What happens if banks fail to achieve the target lending? Who manages RIDF?
F1- Who regulates RRBs? (I left RRBs a long time ago and she is still stuck with RRB.)
M1- What is your hobby?
Me- Writing and reading articles from and for various websites.Watching Hollywood movies, Playing and watching cricket.

M1- Any specific topics on which you write.
Me- Sports and Technical review.

M1- Can you tell us what you wrote in your last article and for which website?
Me- Roar.com. Review of India’s tour of Australia at end of ODI series.

M1- Tell us 2-3 lines.
Me- I can’t replicate exact words but I can tell an overview.

M2- Yes yes tell. We are not going to verify this just to know your communication and writing skill.
Me- I said them 3-4 lines.

M1- Okay Siddharth. Thank you. All the best. Good luck.
That is all, it was an interview in both Local language and English. They were forcing me to tell in Oriya. Interview panel was very friendly and jolly. (Except the female who had a long face throughout the interview process.)