IBPS PO Interview Experience Of Balaji P

Name: Balaji P

Interview Venue: Indian Overseas bank, Central Office, Chennai.

Interview Date: 31/01/2020

Interview Time: Afternoon Batch

Interview Panel: 3

My name is Balaji P. I am from Chennai and I am going to share my experience which i had on 31/01/2020 at Indian Overseas bank, Central office in Chennai.

I was allotted under Panel 3 during afternoon batch and i was the 13th Candidate in that panel. The interviewer called me inside.

There were 5 members in the panel, 4 were men and 1 lady interviewer. My interview experience begin now:

Me: May I come in sir?

Panel member 1: Yes please

Me: Greeted every panel member

Panel member 1: Please sit down

Panel member 1: Please tell me about yourself

Me: I told them about where I came from, my schooling, my college and my work experience which I had for 1.5 years in IT Sector

Panel Member 1: Tell me what types of work did u perform in the company?

Me: I told them about my work (I worked under an Telecom client)

Panel member 1: Why the number of telecom players have reduced now comparing to previous years? ( As i said i worked for Telecom client, he has asked this question)

Me: Told about the large Capital bases of new telecom players which attract a lot customers and added some points, after which panel member jumped to next question)

Panel member 1: Why BSNL being a govt owned company not up to mark?

Me: Told some reforms are not implemented by govt which BSNL had suggested to govt.

(Panel member was ok with the answer. He asked other panel member to continue)

Panel member 2: How many nominees can be added in an account?

Me: More than 1 (Panel member asked whether I was sure. I said “I am sure”)

Panel member 2: No, its wrong. Only one nominee can be added. (Me: Ok sir)

Panel member 2: So, when an account holder dies whether the responsibility of a bank gets finished when it settles the amount to the nominee or whether bank plays a part in dividing it among the nominees

Me: (I had some doubt) Sir, Can i take a minute to think and tell?

Panel member 2: (Laughs) Sure..you can take a minute but not more than that as others are waiting( When he told like this,every panel member laughed and i also laughed gently)

Me:(After some Seconds) I told bank has the responsibility to divide the amount among nominees.

Panel member 2: No, bank only settles the amount to the 1st nominee.There itself,bank’s responsibility will be finished(Me: Ok sir, noted)
( He asked other panel member to continue)

Panel Member 3: Recently, banking has gone digital. But still some services are availed only if you go to bank.What are those?

Me: Loan,drawing cheque amount,Demand draft
(He was ok with the answer and asked other panel member to continue)

Panel member 4 (Lady): What are your personal qualities?

Me: I told Honesty and giving respect to everyone.( I elaborated about respecting people)

Panel member 4 (Lady): She asked what do u mean by honesty?

Me: Explained.

Panel member 4 (Lady): Which thing gave you the utmost satisfaction in life?

Me: I told that the smile of children in orphanage when we help them gave the utmost satisfaction in my life.
(She smiled and asked other member to continue)

Panel Member 5: Who is the finance minister of India?

Me: Nirmala Sitharaman

Panel Member 5: Who is the finance minister of state?

Me:(I thought he is asking our Tamilnadu’s State finance minister) I replied with Tamilnadu’s finance minister
(Panel member clarified it and asked again)

Me: Oh Sorry sir, its Anurag Thakur.

(Panel member 1 said Thank you and I also Thanked them with a smile and went out)

Overall it was a good experience. I kept smiling and maintained my composure throughout. Panel members were also very cool and calm.

All The Best Balaji P For Future Endeavours!


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