Expected Questions For IBPS PO & RBI Grade B Interview Round

IBPS PO Mains and RBI Grade B mains exam have been conducted and now it is the time to start off your preparation for the IBPS PO & RBI Grade B Interview round. As the Interviews are going to be start very soon, you all must be anxious to know what to study to clear the final round. Well now those who are going to appear for it, are just a step away from becoming a banker in the elite banks.Interview round for both the mentioned exam is the final hurdle in your way to a dream job. It is very important to be smarter as first impression is the last impression in the interview process.You will  not be given second chance to perform. You have to make the best of what you have, and make yourself on the top of the list. This article is dedicated to some important IBPS PO & RBI Grade B interview tips and Expected questions. Continue reading to ace your marks in the interview round.

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RBI is one of the prestigious exam, besides several benefits, it is considered to be the most toughest exam after SBI and IBPS. Students appearing for IBPS PO and RBI Grade B interview round needs to gird on their loins to sail through this last process.

Let us check the motive behind conducting an Interview. If you are one out of those who are appearing for the final phase, then keep on reading this article.

Below mentioned are the few things that are tested in the interview round.

  • Your competency for the post applied
  • Test of personal insights and attributes
  • Experience and expertise in the field
  • Enthusiasm and Interest in the banking sector
  • Career Goals and ambitions for your job profile

An interviewer test your presence of mind, ability to tackle a situation, confidence, body language, dressing sense, your behavior, the way you sit and stand and everything. Read the simple tips to impress the interviewer to fetch marks from him.

  •  Make sure before entering the room, you ask for permission to get in. Greet the interviewer with a humble tone and smiling face.
  • Don’t panic be relaxed and confident. It is common to get panic in such situations but the way you handle them creates the difference. Avoid acts like fidgeting with your fingers or slumped shoulders, these are signs of nervousness and lack of confidence.
  • Maintaining eye contact with the interviewer is a huge sign of being confident. Make sure of it.
  • Sit straight and maintain a good posture.
  • Speak properly and clearly with the members present over there. Don’t fumble or be extra fast while answering any of the questions.

Your dressing is the major factor in Interview round. Check the Grooming Tips For  IBPS PO & RBI Grade B

  • Keep your attire simple and sober with no stone or shiny clothes.
  • Keep your dressing smart and neatly pressed. It reflects your personality & attitude towards your commitment to the duties.
  • Do not opt for any casual or fancy attire.

Most expected questions for RBI Grade B and IBPS PO 2019

There are some common questions that an interviewer may ask you. You can prepare the answer of these questions smartly and in brief. Make sure it should not look like you have crammed all te answers. Be smart while giving your answers even if you have prepare them.

Personal questions: In this an interviewer may ask you about yourself, your town, place where you live, about your family, parents occupation etc. Give them a brief and smart answer.

  • About yourself
  • Family background
  • your strength and weakness
  • whom do you follow the most or appreciate the most and why?
  • what is your team work experience (if any)

Educational background: Members present in the panel may ask you about your educational background like what have you done in graduation or PG. questions on Why and what about your educational qualification can be thrown at you.

  • Prepare about your education
  • Technical questions if you belongs to technical background
  • Reason behind choosing the banking after graduation/B.tech?
  • What have you done after graduation (if there is gap between graduation and getting a job)
  • What are your plans for further education?

Career goals: You should be aware of the rle you will perform after selection in the banking sector. They may ask you about your career goal, how honest you will remain with the organization etc. Prepare the questions mentioned below.

  • Why do you want to join banking as your career?
  • Reason behind leaving your previous job (if applicable)
  • Reason to join government sector?

Questions related to job: Sometimes examiner just wants to test your mental ability and how you tackle with the problems. He may ask you about the job you are applying for. Have a look at the most common questions comes under this category.

  • What do you know about the job and responsibility you have applied for.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • what quality of yours makes you perfect for this role?

Questions about the organization: It is pretty obvious that they will test your knowledge about the organization. If you are appearing for RBI Grade B interview, then you must know each and everything important about it.

  • About organization like IBPS  and RBI
  • Recent news about the organization
  • Knowledge on new schemes launched
  • Basic job responsibility
  • Issues on economy and finance

Questions on current affairs: You should brush up your knowledge on the happening around the world. Make sure you know everything that is happening all around and which is in news. Interviewer may ask you questions on the current issues to check your presence of mind.

  • Current affairs news on politics
  • Economics
  • Sports and games
  • Prize and novels
  • Important days and person etc.

General Tips:

#Keep yourself updated with the daily current affairs, banking awareness and all that is happening around.

#If you are were working somewhere, make sure you have complete knowledge about your job profile.

#Be familiar with your field of education and the purpose of doing it.

Prepare brief answers and reply smartly. Remember first impression is the last impression. We hope these simple tips will help you sail through IBPS  PO and RBI Grade B Interview 2019.

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