IBPS PO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 24th August 2019


IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
With the increasing level in exams, quantitative aptitude has become the ineluctable hitch. Generally, questions asked in this section are calculative and lengthy that consumes your time. This subject can do wonders if you always keep a check on your accuracy, speed and time. Accuracy is what matters the most. To help you prepare the section we have provided a well-defined IBPS PO Prelims Study Plan. You can also Prepare from the study notes to clear your basic concepts. Attempt this quantitative aptitude quiz and check your performance for the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims Study Plan 2019.  Here is the Quant miscellaneous quiz for 24th August 2019.

Direction (1-5): What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

Q1. of  of 3430 =  of 125

(a) 47.04
(b) 4.704
(c) 47.94
(d) 45.04
(e) 43.04
Q2.13% of 450 + 21% of 250 =? + 24% of 80 
(a) 9.18
(b) 91.8
(c) 93.8
(d) 95.6
(e) 99.4

Q3.4343 ÷ 200 + 5454 ÷ 300 – 5225 ÷ 500 = ?

(a) 27.455
(b) 30.257
(c)  29.445
(d) 25.455
(e) 31.452

Q4. 33% of 700 + 53% of 800 = ? % of 400

(a) 19.75
(b) 17.55
(c) 16.75
(d) 163.75
(e) 167.35
Q6. 8% of the voters in an election did not cast their votes. In this election, there were only two candidates. The winner by obtaining 52% of the casted votes defeated his opponent by 1840 votes. The total number of voters in the election was:
(a) 47250
(b) 55750
(c) 75000
(d) 50000
(e) 35270

Q7. A person bought 76 cows and sold 20 cows at 15% profit, 40 cows at 19% profit and remaining 16 cows at 25% profit and got a profit of Rs. 6570 as a whole. The cost price of each cow is:

(a) Rs. 450
(b) Rs. 425
(c) Rs. 420
(d) Rs. 400
(e) Rs. 520

Q10. Rahul gets 34% marks in an exam and fails by 90 marks. Rishi gets 36% marks and he also fails by 72 marks. What is the minimum percentage of marks a student should gain to pass the exam? 

(a) 46 %
(b) 40 %
(c) 44 %
(d) 38 %
(e) 52 %

Q12. Shikha’s age is one-sixth of her father’s age. Shikha’s father’s age will be twice of Vignesh’s age after 10 years. If Vignesh’s eighth birthday was celebrated 2 years before, then what is Shikha’s present age? 

(a) 30 years
(b) 24 years
(c) 6 years
(d) 20 years
(e) 5 years
Q13. Rati’s age is three years more than Meera’s age. Sushila’s age is 75% of Rati’s age. If average age of all of them is 12.75 years, then find the age of Rati. 
(a) 12 yrs.
(b) 15 yrs.
(c) 14 yrs.
(d) 16 yrs.
(e) 18 yrs.
Q15. P and Q completed a work together in 5 days. Had P worked at twice rate of itself and Q at half rate of itself they would take 4 days to complete the work. How much time would P take to do the whole work alone?
(a) 10 days
(b) 20 days
(c) 25 days
(d) 15 days
(e) 24 days

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