IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Mains Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 19th September 2019

IBPS RRB PO/Clerk Quantitative Quiz
Do you follow a proper strategy or Study Plan for IBPS RRB Mains 2019? Are you aiming IBPS RRB 2019 this time? If yes, then this is the section which can help you to do wonders if practiced well. A good attempt with a mix of accuracy can help you fetch good marks. The reasoning is a game of wits and mind. It is all about logics that a question may have. Speed and accuracy are what that matters the most in this section. The only way to achieve an ambitious goal is by practicing only. So, attempt the quiz of Reasoning ability that inculcates the important questions from the important topics. Do not miss out to practice the Quantitative Aptitude Quiz that is being provided on Bankersadda.

Q1. A can do a task in 18 days, B can do the same task in 24 days and C can destroy the whole work in 36 days. If A & B work for first x days together after that C also joined them, remaining work is completed in days. Find how many days all three worked together?

Q2. (X+4) men can complete a work in 2X days while (X+12) women can complete same work in (X+8) days. If ratio of efficiency of men to women is 5 : 4 then find in how many days 12 men and 15 women together can complete the same work?
(a) 32 days
(b) 16 days
(c) 48 days
(d) 64 days
(e) 80 days

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Q3. One day efficiency of A is 20% more than B and that of C is 20% less than B. D can do a piece of work in twice of time as A, B & C complete same work in together. If first eight days D work alone after that he left the work and A, B & C complete the remaining work in 12 days. Find in what time work will be completed, if B and D work in rotation on each day, starting with D?

Q4.Efficiency of A and B in the ratio of 5 : 6. A work of first X days and B complete remaining work in (X + 4) days, ratio between work done by A to work done by B is 1 : 2. Find in how many days whole work will be complete, if they work alternatively starting with A and after B work with 50% of his usual efficiency ?

Q5. Veer and Sameer alone can do 25% & of a task in 16 days individually. If Sameer & Satish together can-do same task in 16 days, then find in how many days Veer, Sameer and Satish will complete the whole task, if they do it on alternate days, starting with Satish and followed by Sameer & Veer respectively?
(a)38 days
(b)42 days
(c)36 days
(d)32 days
(e)30 days

Q6. Length of a cuboidal vessel is 20 cm and ratio of width to the height of vessel is 2 : 3. If total surface area of the cuboidal vessel is 1632 cm2, then find the volume of the cuboidal vessel ?
(a) 4360 cm3
(b) 4380 cm3
(c) 4390 cm3
(d) 4340 cm2
(e) 4320 cm3

Q7. A cylindrical solid toy (radius 12cm) is melted and poured into a beaker to form a solid cone. Due to splashing some molten metal splash outside the beaker so the volume of the cone reduced. Find the volume of molten metal that splash outside of the beaker if height of both cylinder and cone is 14cm while radius of cone is half of that of cylinder.

Q8. A cylinder is cut down from middle to make two cylinders. If total surface area of half cylinder is 308cm^2 less than that of total surface area of full cylinder, then find the volume of full cylinder if radius of cylinder is 7cm?

Q9. The curved surface area of a cylinder is equal to the curved surface area of a cone. If radius of both is equal and radius of cone is twice of its height, then find the ratio of height of cylinder to that of cone.

Q10. The ratio of magnitude of curved surface area to the volume of cylinder is 1 : 7 and the ratio of diameter of the base to the height of cylinder is 4 : 3. Find total surface area of cylinder (in cm2)?
(a) 3100
(b) 3180
(c) 3000
(d) 3080
(e) 3120

Directions (11-15): In each of these questions, two equations (I) and (II) are given. You have to solve both the equations and give answer

 (a) if x>y
 (b) if x≥y
 (c) if x<y
 (d) if x ≤y
 (e) if x = y or No relation can be established between x and y.

  (a) if x>y
  (b) if x≥y
  (c) if x<y
  (d) if x ≤y
  (e) if x = y or No relation can be established between x and y.

 (a) if x>y
 (b) if x≥y
 (c) if x<y
 (d) if x ≤y
 (e) if x = y or No relation can be established between x and y.

 (a) if x>y
 (b) if x≥y
 (c) if x<y
 (d) if x ≤y
 (e) if x = y or No relation can be established between x and y.

 (a) if x>y
 (b) if x≥y
 (c) if x<y
 (d) if x ≤y
 (e) if x = y or No relation can be established between x and y.

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