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Q.1 A lateral shift causing movement of an employee from one job to another usually without involving any marked change in duties, responsibilities or compensation is :
(a) Transfer
(b) Promotion
(c) Demotion
(d) Upward Promotion
(e) None of the Above

Q.2 Some transfers are primary in the interest of the employee and according to his convenience and desire. Which one from the following examples is not an example of Employee Initiated Transfer?
(a) Due to family problems like taking care of domestic affairs in his native place.
(b) To avoid conflict with his superiors
(c) Due to ad-hoc problems like pursuing higher education.
(d) With a view to correct his wrong placement
(e) None of the Above

Q.3 The employee is moved to the next higher level in the organizational hierarchy with greater responsibility, authority and status without any increase in salary. This is a type of:
(a) Up gradation
(b) Dry promotion
(c) Job enrichment
(d) Delegation of Authority
(e) None of the above

Q.4 Organizations promote the employee with a view to achieve the purpose:
(a) To utilize the employee’s skill, knowledge at the appropriate level in the organizational hierarchy resulting in organizational effectiveness and employee’s satisfaction
(b) To develop competent internal source of employees ready to take up jobs at higher levels in the changing environment.
(c) To reward committed and loyal employees
(d) To promote a feeling of content with the existing conditions of the company and a sense of belongingness.
e) All of the above

Q.5 when skillful, good performing employees leave the company leaving the company in a bad shape is which type of turnover
(a) Voluntary Turnover
(b) Involuntary Turnover
(c) Functional Turnover
(d) Dysfunctional Turnover
(e) None of the Above

The Above formula is used to Calculate
(a) Employee turnover ratio
(b) Employee retention ratio
(c) Employee Satisfaction Ratio
(d) Employee Mobility Ration

Q.7 Which of the following is not a cause of employee turnover?
(a) Bitter relationship between management and workers
(b) Retrenchment or lay-off due to shortage of resources, low demand for recession.
(c) Having good opportunities and increase in responsibilities.
(d) Change for better working conditions, better environment
(e) None of the Above

Q.8 Which of the Following is not usually a Characteristics of Employee Promotion?
(a)Upward Movement
(b)Merit or seniority as the Basis
(c)decrease in Authority and responsibility
(e)None of the Above

Q.9 Which transfer facilitates the employees in acquiring a wide variety of skills?
(a)Versatility Transfer
(b)Displacement Transfer
(c)Shift Transfer
(d) Remedial Transfer
(e)None of the Above

Q.10 If the employee gets discharged from its duties then they get ineligible for:
(a)Performance linked Incentive
(b)provident Funds Benefits
(c)Gratuity Benefits
(d)All of the Above
(e)None of the Above


S1 Ans:-a

S2 Ans:- e

S3 Ans :- b

S4 Ans :- e

S5 Ans :- d

S6 Ans :- a

S7 Ans :- c

S8 Ans:- c

S9 Ans:- a

S10 Ans:- d

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