IBPS SO HR Officer Professional Knowledge Quiz: 4th January

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Q.1 Strategic HRM is Concerned with
(a)Analyse the opportunities and threats existing in the external environment.
(b)Formulate strategies that will match the organisation’s (internal) strengths and weaknesses with environmental (external) threats and opportunities. In other words, make a SWOT analysis of organisation.
(c)Implement the strategies so formulated.
(d) Evaluate and control activities to ensure that organisation’s objectives are duly achieved
(e)All of the Above

Q.2 Strategic HRM is different from Traditional HRM on the Basis of
(a)Planning and Strategy Formulation
(d)Decision making
(e)All of the above

Q.3 Best Practice Approach is that there is a set of best HRM Practices that is universal and hence is best in any situation and that adopting them will lead to superior organizational performance. Those HR Practices include
(a) Training and Development to provide a skilled and motivated Workforce
(b) Selective hiring
(c) Operational activity
(d) Both a and b
(e)None of the above

Q.4 Letting outside vendor provides services is another option which can be used to get best results . Activity which cannot be outsourced is ?
(a) Recruitment
(b) Payroll and training
(c) Financial Planning
(d) Benefits administration
(e) Contract Staffing

Q.5 PESTLE Analysis is done in the organization to understand the external Factors related to the Organisation. T stands for
(a) Training
(c)Talent Acquisition
(d)Turnover Rate
(e)None of the Above

Q.6 A Road Map of Growth Strategy of the Corporation which also provides direction for the management of the business unit and plans to invest in . This strategy is being made at which level Strategy
(a)Corporate Level strategy
(b) Business Level Strategy
(c)Functional level Strategy
(d)Operation Level Strategy
(e)None Of the Above

Q.7 Which of the Following best define the generic strategy “analyzer “
(a)Good Performer yet have a constant endeavour to explore more
(b)They are in the defensive Mode
(c)Reactive Approach and hence respond to the environmental demands
(d)Concerned about Developing New strategy
(e) None of the Above

Q. 8 HRM Needs to achieve the Following Strategic Goals in order for the company to gain and sustain competitive Advantage
(a) To invest in People through the introduction and encouragement of learning Process
(b) To ensure the organization identifies the Knowledge required
(c) To meet its goals and satisfy customers
(d)To understand the Linkage between HRM and Business strategy

(e)None of the Above

Q.9 Schuler developed a “ 5-P Model” of SHRM that melds five HR Activities . In this model P Does Stand for
(b) policies
(d) Practices
(e) All of the above

Q.10 Downsizing is the permanent reduction of a company’s labor force through the elimination of unproductive workers or divisions. Downsizing is a common organizational practice, usually associated with economic downturns and failing businesses. Consequences of Downsizing is/are
(a) Losing employees with valuable institutional knowledge
(b) Less Innovation
(c)Increased Workload and Stres
(d)Losing trust in Management
(e) All of the Above


S1 Ans :- e

S2 Ans :- e

S3 Ans :- d

S4 Ans :- c

S5 Ans:- b

S6 Ans :- a

S7 Ans :- c

S8 Ans :- e

S9 Ans :- e

S10 Ans :- e

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