Just One Laminated Rough Sheet Provided In IBPS Clerk Main Exam

Dear Students, we all are already aware of the fact that the pattern of banking examinations has shown drastic variations all through the year 2017. As the change in the pattern of examination has already become something very predictable, IBPS blows the minds of banking aspirants once again by not providing them with the rough sheets to solve the questions. Yes, students, no rough sheets like usual, were provided to the candidates who appeared in IBPS Clerk Mains Examination 2017-18, which was no doubt another big challenge to the students.
A laminated A4 size sheet was taped to the table and students were asked to solve the questions on that sheet using a sketch pen. It was really inconvenient for the students to solve the questions this way, especially the ones from Reasoning Section. Here are a few problems that students had to face while solving the questions on laminated A4 sheets, as told by the candidates who appeared for the examination:
  • The important points got faded or erased while doing the Puzzles, Data Interpretation questions, and Caselet.
  • It became really difficult to solve the puzzles in which more than one possibility was required to reach the final solution.
  • The sheets got darker with time and it became even more difficult to write on them with the sketch pen that was provided.
  • Writing and Erasing over and over, was only a waste of time in the hour of a competitive examination where the time to solve the questions is so limited. 

So, students, now that this has happened already in the IBPS Clerk Mains Examination, it is expected that the trend will be followed in the upcoming banking examinations that will be conducted in future. All that you need to do is to prepare yourself in accordance with the same. Here are a few tips for you on how to deal with this with poise:
  • While practicing, make sure that you do not consume more than one sheet while solving a puzzle or any other question that involves too much of writing. 
  • Also, try increasing your thinking abilities so as you make a minimal use of pen or pencil in the examination. 
  • Keep yourself prepared for any such situation that you may come across in a banking examination so that you do not waste your precious time indulging in an argument with the authorities present at your center, as they are only doing what they are told by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection i.e. IBPS.
  • Get an A4 size sheet laminated and try solving questions on it using a thick sketch pen so as to be on the ball to face such a thing in the upcoming exams.