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National Sports Day 2019

Today is 29th August and this day is celebrated as National Sports Day in India. Every individual should put emphasis on maintaining their fitness and health throughout their lifetime. Fitness should be the ultimate standard of living for all and playing sports is one of the ways by which you can maintain your fitness and stay at the prime of your health.
The day is also known as Rashtriya Khel Diwas and is observed to remember the legendary Hockey Player Major Dhyan Chand famously known as “The Wizard”. He had led India to three Olympic gold medals in the years – 1928, 1932 and 1936. On this day the president also confers various awards like Arjuna Award, National Sports Awards, National Adventure Awards, Khel Ratna, Dronacharya Award and Dhyanchand Award to recognise the exceptional achievements of Indian sportspersons.

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On the occasion on National Sports Day, PM Narendra Modi has launched the “Fit India Movement” and the aim of this programme if to encourage everyone to adopt a culture of fitness. ‘Be it the boardroom or Bollywood. The mind is hit if body fit’ says the Prime Minister and this true for you as an aspirant as well. A fit body and healthy mind will help you to stay focused on your preparation for government job exams and will ultimately help you achieve your goal. 
To stay fit and to adapt to the culture of fitness you can make small changes in your daily routine which will help you a long way. We know that along with preparation you must be feeling that it is almost impossible to do exercise daily to maintain a healthy routine for the day, but it is not that tough all!! You can go for a run early in the morning when you wake up or do yoga, as it helps mind and body both. These small changes are with zero investments and infinite returns but you’ll have to stay persistent on it. If you are a working professional you can choose to take stairs instead of an elevator, do not shy away from any opportunity to maintain a healthy regime for yourself…only you can help yourself in staying fit and healthy.

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Stay Fit and Healthy!! Share in the comments whats your favourite sport?

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