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National Sports Day 2023, Date, Theme and History

National Sports Day 2023

National Sports Day is an important day in India, observed on August 29th every year. This day is dedicated to honoring the renowned Hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, who was born on the same date in 1905. It’s a celebration of his outstanding contributions to sports. This day is also known as Rashtriya Khel Divas and has been celebrated since 2012. Here in this article, we have given all the details on National Sports Day 2023.

National Sports Day 2023: History

To honor Major Dhyan Chand’s birth anniversary, India observes National Sports Day 2022. Born on August 29, 1905, in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, he was initially known as Dhyan Singh. Joining the Indian Army in 1922, he later retired in 1956 as a Major. His exceptional talent in hockey earned him the nickname “Dhyan Chand,” as he practiced under moonlight.

Recognized as the “Hockey Wizard,” Dhyan Chand is celebrated as one of the greatest hockey players. His international hockey career boasts over 400 goals. He played a pivotal role in India winning Olympic Gold medals consecutively in 1928, 1932, and 1936, achieving an unprecedented feat.

In 1956, he was honored with the prestigious Padma Bhushan, one of India’s top civilian awards. Dhyan Chand passed away on December 3, 1979. His legacy lives on, as the Indian Postal Department renamed Delhi’s National Stadium to Major Dhyan Chand Stadium in his honor after his demise in 1979.

National Sports Day 2023: Significance

National Sports Day is celebrated to encourage sports engagement across India. People of all ages should integrate sports into their daily routines due to its numerous health benefits. National Sports Day holds great significance as it promotes the importance of sports and physical activity in our lives. It encourages people of all ages to engage in sports for better health and overall well-being. The day also honours the legendary athlete Major Dhyan Chand, whose achievements inspire athletes and enthusiasts alike.

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When is the National Sports Day 2023/

The National Sports Day 2023 is on 29 August 2023.