Preparation Plan For IBPS PO/Clerk 2019 Exams

Dear Students, IBPS has released the calendar for the examinations to be conducted this year for the recruitment process of IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS SO and IBPS RRB Office Assistants. Now that the calendar is out already, you have to keep your casual attitude at bay and set about preparing for these examinations seriously. For that, you need to have a plan which helps you set targets to be accomplished within a certain time limit. When you attune yourself to regular studies, the topics to be done do not accumulate into blizzards and you do with the syllabus way before the examination is conducted.

Important points that need to be taken care of while you prepare for a IBPS PO/ Clerk 2019-20 examination: 
  • To all those who make hard and fast rules while setting up a study timetable, go for a realistic timetable. A timetable that includes long hours of studies and no short breaks in between takes you nowhere. So, include short and frequent study sessions in your timetable accompanied by some leisure activities that keep you refreshed throughout.
  • Next comes assigning the study hours to the different subjects that will be asked in the examination. Remember not to prioritize a single subject in your study schedule, thereby giving the cold shoulder to other equivalently grave subjects. So, even if you are a dab hand at Quant, practice it daily like any other subject you are not so good at.
  • Are you one out of those who keep cutting the corners every time? Bear it in mind that the pattern of banking examinations keeps changing very frequently. You don’t know what’s up next and so, to be ready for a bolt from the blues, dive deep into all the subjects that will be asked in the examination.
  • Do you have the habit of cramming all day long and leave the revision to be done in the last days before the examination? Yes. Isn’t it? Most of the aspirants are into this habit and they end up lying under a pile of stuff to be revised at the time of examination. If you do not want the important topics to be left unrevised then include at least one hour of revision in your daily schedule and play it safe.
  • What relaxes you the most? Listening to your favorite music, going out on a walk, meditation, playing some outdoor games or any other activity? Include it in your daily schedule because it lightens you up after swotting up all day long. 
Getting through IBPS Exams not only provides you with a reputed job in the banking sector but also bestows you with huge perks and emoluments. That the exams start from the month of October, you still have enormous time to prepare for them. Here is Adda247 Study Plan for this year’s IBPS PO and Clerk Examinations to help you secure one of the jobs this very year:

 Study Plan For IBPS PO/ Clerk 2018

May Syllogism, Linear Puzzle, Inequality, Floor based Puzzle, Box-based Puzzle, Direction, Short Puzzles, New Pattern, Coding-Decoding Pie Chart DI, Simplification, Time and Distance, Percentage, Problems on Trains, Missing Number Series, Tabular DI, Problems on Ages, Probability, Pipes and Cisterns Error Detection, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases, Sentence Rearrangement, Fillers
June Day/ Date/ Time-based Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Mixed Questions, Raking and Order, Input-Output, Miscellaneous Puzzle, Comparison-based Puzzle Approximation, Time and Work, Profit and Loss, Line Graph, Discount, Wrong Number Series, Average, Radar Graph, Partnership Sentence Completion, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Sentence Improvement, Odd One Out, 
July Puzzle with an undefined number of persons, Coded Blood Relation, Coded Inequality, Designation-based Puzzle Quadratic Equations, Bar Graph, SI and CI, Ratio and Proportion, Quantity Comparison, Mixture and Allegation, Caselet based DI, 2-D Mensuration Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Sentence Completion, Sentence Connectors
August Circular Puzzle, Data Sufficiency, Blood Relation, Floor-Flat-based Puzzle, Coded Direction, Square/Rectangular Puzzle, Month/Year-based Puzzle, Puzzle with Blood Relation Data Sufficiency, Pie Chart DI, 3D Mensuration, Permutation and Combination Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Cloze Test, Error Detection
September Revision and Practice Month Practice Month Practice Month
October Revision and Practice Month Practice Month Practice Month

Along with this plan for the Sections, keep yourself abreast with all the current happenings of the year along with the static facts related to them. This will help you deal with the final phase of objective type examination and also the personal interview round of IBPS PO Exam 2019-20.