Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO IT Officer 2017

Q1. The relationship between DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE is a
(a) One-to-one relationship
(b) One-to-many relationship
(c) Many-to-many relationship
(d) Many-to-one relationship
(e) none of the above

Q2.The Oracle RDBMS uses the ____ statement to declare a new transaction start and its properties.
(e) none of the above

Q3. ____ means that the data used during the execution of a transaction cannot be used by a second transaction until the first one is completed.
(a) Consistency
(b) Atomicity
(c) Durability
(d) Isolation
(e) None of the above

Q4.__________ states that only valid data will be written to the database.
(a) Consistency
(b) Atomicity
(c) Durability
(d) Isolation
(e) none of the above

Q5.The database system must take special actions to ensure that transactions operate properly without interference from concurrently executing database statements. This property is referred to as
(a) Atomicity
(b) Durability
(c) Isolation 
(d) All of the mentioned
(e) consistency

Q6. A system is in a ______ state if there exists a set of transactions such that every transaction in the set is waiting for another transaction in the set.
(a) Idle
(b) Waiting
(c) Deadlock
(d) Ready
(e) none of the above

Q7. What are the ways of dealing with deadlock?
(a) Deadlock prevention
(b) Deadlock recovery
(c) Deadlock detection
(d) All of the mentioned
(e) Deadlock breakup.

Q8. SQL can be used to:
(a) Create database structures only.
(b) Query database data only.
(c) Modify database data only.
(d) All of the above can be done by SQL
(e) none of the above

Q9. Which of the following is not a DBMS?
(e) none of the above

Q10. SNAPSHOT is used by DBA for?
(a) Synonym
(b) Tablespace
(c) System server
(d) Dynamic data replication
(e) none of the above