Quantitative Aptitude for NABARD Group A Exam 2018: 24th March 2018

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Quantitative Aptitude for NABARD Group A Exam 2018: 24th March 2018
Quantitative Aptitude For NABARD Grade-A Exam 2018
Quantitative Aptitude Section has given heebie-jeebies to the aspirants when they appear for a banking examination. As the level of every other section is only getting complex and convoluted, there is no doubt that this section, too, makes your blood run cold. The questions asked in this section are calculative and very time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Following is the Quantitative Aptitude quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

Directions (1-5): The following table shows the total number of persons who died in road accident in five different countries in six different years. Study the table carefully to answer the following questions. 

Q1.  Find the average number of persons who got dead in road accident in China throughout 2005 to 2009.  
(a) 62,100
(b) 61,200
(c) 60,200
(d) 63,200
(e) 61,400

Q2.  If 42% persons who were died in road accident in India in 2007 were females then total females who died in road accident in India in 2007 are what percent of total persons who were died in England in same year?  
(a) 74.8%
(b) 78.4%
(c) 72.4%
(d) 76.4%
(e) 82.2%

Q3.  Find the difference between total number of persons who were died in road accident in 2005 in all countries and total number of persons who were died in road accident in 2010 in all countries.  
(a) 1,90,000
(b) 1,59,000
(c) 1,95,000
(d) 1,94,000
(e) 2,95,000

Q5.  If 20% persons in each country who were died in road accident in year 2009 were below than 20 years then find the total number of persons who were died in road accident in all the five countries who were above 20 years in the same year. 
(a) 1,62,700
(b) 1,76,00
(c) 1,67,200
(d) 1,67,400
(e) 1,76,400

Q6.  Karim, a tourist leaves Ellora on a bicycle. Having travelled for 1.5 hr at 16 km/hr, he makes a stop for 1.5 hr and then pedals on with the same speed. Four hours after Karim started journey, his friend and local guide Rahim leaves Ellora on a motorcycle and rides with a speed of 28 km/hr in the same direction as Karim had gone. What distance will they cover before Rahim overtakes Karim?
(a) 88 km
(b) 90.33 km
(c) 93.33 km
(d) 96.66 km
(e) 98 km

Q7.  Two partners invest Rs 1,25,000 and Rs 85,000 respectively in a business and agree that 60% of the profit should be divided equally between them and the remaining profit is to be divided into ratio of their capitals. If one partner gets Rs 300 more than the other, find the total profit made in the business.
(a) Rs 3739.50
(b) Rs 3937.50
(c) Rs 3749.50
(d) Rs 3947.50
(e) Rs 3625.50

Q8.  From 4 gentlemen and 4 ladies a committee of 5 is to be formed. Find the number of ways of doing so if the committee consists of a president, a vice president and three secretaries?
(a) 8P5
(b) 1120
(c) 4C2 × 4C3
(d) Data inadequate
(e) None of these

Q9.  Six boys and six girls sit in a row randomly. Find the probability that all the six girls sit together.
(a) 3/22
(b) 1/1584
(c) 1/132
(d) 1/66
(e) 1/88

Q10.  There are two garbage disposal rectangular tanks, A and B with lengths 12 m and 15 m respectively in a square field. If the total area of the square field excluding the rectangular tanks is 360 sq. m. and the breadth of both the rectangular tanks is 1/3 of the side of the square field, what is the perimeter of the square field? (in metre)
(a) 92
(b) 84
(c) 96
(d) 78
(e) 72

Directions (11-15): What will come in place of (?) in the following number series?

Q11. 23, 29, 17, 35, ?,  41
(a) 13
(b) 11
(c) 12
(d) 18
(e) 21

Q12. 6, 10, 17, 28.5,  46.75,  ?
(a) 77.125
(b) 76.125
(c) 75.125
(d) 75.25
(e) 72.75

Q13. 670, 894, 1150, 1438,  ?
(a) 1758
(b) 1594
(c) 1930
(d) 1290
(e) 1225

Q14. 3, 5, 19, 101,  ?,  6445
(a) 710
(c) 714
(d) 715
(e) 725

Q15. 7, 8, 16, 12, 41, 28,  ?
(a) 90
(b) 85
(c) 92
(d) 86
(e) 84

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